The Tale of F-Day : Aanchal Verma

F-Day: The Day I saw Magic – Aancahl Verma, SCMHRD


Hair gets lighter!

Skin gets darker!

Water gets warmer!

Drinks get cooler!

Kids get vacations!

Farmers get crops!

B-school grads get stipends!

From my sweet little life, an important thing that I have learnt is whenever you go to a new place, it has its own soul that is defined by its language. No, I am not talking about the English-Hindi-French-German types of the language, I am highlighting the daily slangs and conversations phrases that sound absurd initially but soon becomes your personality and represent the lingo of your daily life in that particular place. The place could be an organisation, an institution, a support group or anything.

Having said that, “Summers” has its own interpretation for MBA graduates. For us, it is not that time of year where we go on vacations and relax but it is the time that sets the platform for launching us into the next phase of our career. The time when we join internship.

I am pursuing my MBA in Operations Management from Symbiosis Institute of Management and Human Resource Development. Having decent scores throughout my education tenure and work experience of 3 years with Infosys, I was fortunate enough to be placed at Cummins India Limited for my summer internship.

Cummins is an American Fortune 500 corporation that designs, manufactures, and distributes engines, filtration, and power generation products. I was placed at one of their oldest and biggest engine manufacturing plant facility situated in Pune.

The day I got my joining, I experienced a mix of emotions. On one hand, I was excited for my new job opportunity; but on the other hand, I was sceptical if I would be able to accommodate myself in a plant facility as I come from a very different education background and work experience that is related to IT and electronics. As the day of joining came closer, my self-doubt grew bigger and bigger.

Finally, on April 3rd, 2017 when I reached, a chill went through my body. The plant was a huge set-up with machines and robots all around but all I felt was disconnect. The place would have been a heaven for someone belonging to mechanical background but I felt out of place there. Soon the series of introductions started. Even after being surrounded with encouraging and supportive colleagues, I was not able to cope up with wave of negative emotions going around in my head. The first half of day 1 seemed longer than it actually was. In the later half, an interactive session was organised with Mr. Anant J. Talaulicar, Chairman and M.D. of Cummins India.

That one-hour session with Mr. Anant changed my outlook towards pretty much everything in my life. He started with his journey from his childhood to his present position. It was a normal story with very special takeaways sneaked in between different parts. He discussed the importance of health, family and work and the need to maintain balance between them. To him, lack of clarity seemed absolutely fine. The motto to success is “Work is worship”. He explained how our senses that are all pointed outwards combine with ego to blind our inner vision. So, we must take time out regularly to look inside, find out the negative emotions and decide on the things that need to be done to make them right. He pressed on the importance of developing deep meaningful relationships not only at work but in our lives. It seemed a very important advice to our generation going mad over Facebook and Tinder relations.

Every word that he said was a music to my ears. That is when he came to the part that changed the way I look at my internship now. He said that when we work towards a task that is assigned to us with complete sincerity and honesty without worrying about the results, we tend to create magic. The magic that converts us into a magnet that attracts the right things towards us. I suddenly felt at ease like a big knot was opened or a tricky riddle was solved. I could not help but smile and blush like a 5-yr old who got his favourite chocolate.

With the lightness in my heart and clarity in my mind, I returned my work-place. To my surprise, it was an altogether a different world. The sound of machines welcomed me, the robots amazed me like those huge pandora boxes do. The safety shoes did not hurt anymore. My smiling co-workers seemed to acknowledge my come-back. The technicalities came easy to me.

I did observe magic at my first day of internship. The real magic that has changed me for life and I have a complete faith that it is going to design the perfect career path for me.

I am really enjoying my tenure at Cummins with a very interesting project. Slowly and steadily, I am falling in love with the machines like one of those Bollywood love stories where two people from different worlds meet and are inseparable once they fall for each other.