The Tale of F-Day : Aman Dau

Tale of the F-Day – Aman Dua, NMIMS


IT industry is that sector or segment of society which brings and produces varied emotions. It’s all a matter of personal experiences that result in strong opinions. For some the experience might be bitter, for some it’s a matter of pride while for some it’s more like a pendulum ranging between the two extremes.

Before joining NMIMS, I had invested 32 months of my life in Infosys in the closed cubicle walls, making friends with VoIP devices and people across borders and soaking myself in the pool of recreational facilities. Going back to the same roots was more of a nostalgic feeling as I very well know how IT sector functions. But the very perception took a U-turn when I first received the joining Induction mail from Wipro that read- ‘”Report the office at 7AM”. Really?? 7 AM!!!!
And I said to myself, “Welcome to a new IT sector, a different profile, thanks to MBA”

So my first day of internship actually started at 5:15 AM (after three snoozes that started at 5:00 AM and my daily saviour-Dad’s call to wake me up). For all those who work in Bangalore, very well know the term- ‘Bangalore traffic’. I had to travel approx. 15 kms to reach my destination and I was told to keep at least one hour buffer for the same. After about 40 mins of travel came the beautiful Wipro Campus and the Bangalore weather welcoming every intern for a 2 month experience and inclusion into the Wipro family. Once the usual bag scanning and entry access was provided, there was this anxious feeling to explore, know and meet interns from other elite B-schools.

But, we long for comfort zones and that’s what I exactly noticed (I too was no different). The interns ranged from over 15 different B-schools but there is very less that can be changed in a human’s behaviour. The utter joy and happiness on seeing our college mates coming out of the cabs (as if we had never met each other in one year of our MBA) was a sight to remember. The guards then escorted us to the auditorium where approx. all 150 of us were supposed to be present for the program. As soon as I entered the auditorium I was again reminded of my previous IT experience, the glamorous and magnificent infrastructure which IT companies possess is worth appreciating. And Wipro didn’t disappoint me at all.

The day started with document verification and other formalities which I’m sure even HR people hate to conduct, but they can’t be just neglected. This was followed by breakfast after which the real day began-‘The Induction Program’. One after another, the company top shots addressed us and informed about the core values and foundations on which Wipro has been thriving. This was followed by an interesting HR interaction round, usually referred to as the ‘Ice Breaking session’ in which we interns were supposed to leave our comfort zones (our college friends) and reach out to others and form teams. It was indeed an amazing experience to witness how creative people actually are when it comes to introducing ourselves on stage. People shared their hobbies, their interest areas, and seeing others open up, various groups even gave dance performances on Bollywood numbers. When my turn came, after my introduction I too danced on one of my favourite numbers – ‘Badtameez Dil’ in front of those 150 interns and various HRs.

For me, these are real experiences wherein you are not planned beforehand, you don’t approach a situation with a pre-determined mind, but just open yourself up for the challenge and go with the flow. That is when your true character and nature comes out without being conscious of the people around. And I really appreciate the way, the HR heads at Wipro gave us this platform at the program called WiSE (Wipro Internship Summer Experience).

After the fun session it was time for the grand lunch which gave us some networking time followed by few more speaker sessions and interaction with past alumni of different colleges. I’m sure this was the session wherein everyone’s attention was at the peak as all past alumni had some tips to give as to how can us interns, use this internship experience for learning and actually end up getting that coveted #PPO offers. Once again I got to realize a major human tendency: competition is something which you cannot take out of human genes. And probably that is one of the major reasons for our growth and evolution.

The day ended with yet another IT industry booster, providing laptops and goodies to every intern. And the icing on the cake being the ‘WiSE 2017 Group Photo’.
It was indeed an enriching experience to meet and interact with people from various institutes, getting to know a bit more about their colleges and sharing each other’s live experiences in those campuses (some also being my dream colleges a year back, which I just couldn’t convert). At last it was the turn of the ‘Bangalore traffic’ and OLA/UBER cabs to embrace every individual in their arms for yet another travel experience.

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Name: Aman Dua
College: NMIMS, Mumbai
Internship Company: Wipro Limited
Sector: Information Technology