The Tale of F-Day : Ankit Saxena


I’m happy, nervous, anxious, all those feelings about first day at internship. If I didn’t have high expectations, I wouldn’t here.”

ODSESSY about my first day @ ADITYA BIRLA NUVO LTD.  – Ankit Saxena, NMIMS.

New experiences in life calls for adrenaline rush, and the first day at a new internship is no different.

With smile and nervous sweat beads on my face, I stepped into new horizon of my life. This part of my life… this part right here. this is called “Internship”.

As a MBA student, with aspirations to be successful in corporate, I soon realized how important real-world experience is before stepping into business shoes. Many companies look closely at the work you have achieved in a business setting and will decide your prospective hiring based off of that. Therefore, obtaining an internship is a vital part to college career aspirants.

This past week, I started an internship at Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd in Rishra, Kolkata. As my emotions ran uncontrolled, I was able to grasp a lot in just one day.

Here I have pen down my experience on first day of my internship:

The Commute – “Commute Work Commute Sleep “

Not able to find where to go made me more nervous. As someone new in the city, venturing off alone into a metro like Kolkata was nerve-wracking. Catching the bus and then sailing through the streets made for quite the adventure. Digital world is shrinking the geographies, GoogleMap comes out to be ultimate lifesaver and helped me to get to where I needed to be, right place at right time.


Meeting Co-workers– “A simple HELLO can lead to thousand things “

There are so many amazing people that work at a textile unit, all with many stories and such amazing roles. Being able to get introduced to people from all departments, ranging from engineering to marketing, was truly eye-opening. The variation in job roles and work that employee put into Birla building is incredible.



Witness the Action – “Well Done > Well Said”

First day, I got to observe how things are managed in the office. I was amazed the whole time. Observing the synergy flowing into every corner of the building to make transition go smoothly for all the customers. This was such an amazing experience for me.


Learning the Role – “Corporate Ladder”

As an intern, realizing the importance of team work is utmost priority, the task may be small, but helping out the team in some way. It is also vital to remember that we all have to start small and climb our way up in corporate world.

Realizing the blessing that everyone doesn’t gets an opportunity to intern with Aditya Birla Group. And how lucky I am to be here, and understand that this is an opportunity can forge me with business skill. My take away for all interns is take the time to embrace colleagues there and absorb in any information that they will give you. Lastly, appreciate your mentor. For being there to help you along the way, for they want you to be successful in B-Town just as they did. So, thank you, Aditya Birla, for this amazing opportunity.



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