The Tale of F-Day : Anuraag Vani

My First Day @ Bosch Limited! – Anuraag Vani, NMIMS.

After a totally grueling summer placement procedure, I got placed with one of the biggest engineering and electronic products company in the world, Robert Bosch GmBH or Bosch Limited at Pune.

I was so excited to work for such a big brand that on the night before my joining, I literally had butterflies in my stomach which didn’t let me sleep. Being a fresher, this was also my first exposure to proper work and I was really looking forward to it. And just like that, came the first day at internship. I arrived well in time (all suited up) to create a long-lasting first impression. And as expected, I was at the office an hour earlier with the cleaning staff and security guards’ arrival! With nothing to do, I started chit-chatting with the staff there, while they were constantly giving me the looks!

As the time passed by (trust me, it was a very long hour!) the employees started coming in. Well, now I was keen on meeting my mentor. I waited for an hour, 2 hours and 3… but no signs of my mentor still! Then someone realized that my mentor was on field that day and so at around 11 am, I was received by other colleagues of my team!

The induction day went quite well, all because it started with my colleague taking me to the canteen! Breakfast was the first thing that happened with me on my first day at office, not about company, not induction, but food! And what tasty food, that sambar-idly reminded me of Chennai! I was then shown around the office and was introduced to all the teams at the office. This was sort of an ice-breaking session. There were around 20 teams sitting on one floor of the building! I was told about the company Bosch, how it started and grew to become what it is today. I was also given a book to read which contained everything about Bosch. Finally, they left me at my workstation and asked to wait for a formal induction. Then came the formal induction session, which was taken up by my teammates. Here I was told about the specific department that I was going to be working with and their current style of working. They gave me the product catalogue and telling the specifics of each product. Mid-way through the induction, my mentor arrived at the office and guess what? He took me for lunch to the canteen, again! This time I was in New Delhi having the delicious Chole Bhature! After lunch, my mentor realized that I had spent most of my day just lazing around and so he carried on with the induction. After lunch, the induction session continued and I was told about my project in detail. I was told about the specific tasks that I would be doing and the end expectations from their side. I must say that my mentor is a highly knowledgeable person and one of the best mentors to have. The employees all around, were so helpful and keen on clearing any of my doubts or helping me out whenever I got stuck. They even let me surf the internet on their desktops as I did not have an internet connection yet. By the time, we were in discussion regarding my project, it was tea-break and some hot coffee with biscuits is what I got at the canteen. By around 4:30 pm, we were back to continue the induction session. Oh, and by now I had received some cool Bosch goodies like Diary, Pen and a Tee. Also, I had received my temporary ID Card and an e-mail ID for official purposes too, but who cares? I had a cool Bosch tee-shirt! The feeling was “like a Boss Bosch”!

To sum it up, my first day was not at all how I expected it to be. I was expecting Bosch to be a very traditional company where only work mattered. But as I realized on the first day itself, that it is a perfect blend of working hard and enjoying the work. And I am totally sure, that by the end of two months, I am going to leave this place with immense knowledge and great memories!

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