The Tale of F-Day : Darshan Patel

ICICI Lombard sales and marketing strategy – Darshan Patel, IIMV.

“One knows less about ones own destiny than about anything else on earth.” 

– Gabrielle Roy

Little did I know about a year back when I was packing my begs, on my way from Mumbai to Visakhapatnam in the quest of equipping myself with business tactics from the time tested brand called “IIM”, that after a year I’m going to land in the same city again! After having worked with an engineering giant for about three and half year in the city, Mumbai lifestyle became an addiction sort of thing! So idea of once again going to same city for the internship filled me with thrill if least to say about the feelings! My mind, subconsciously, started making various plans for weekends outings, activities etc. which I had completely missed during hectic first year at IIM-V!
…And 2nd April, 2017 was the day 0 when I along with my two other landed at T2, Mumbai! Nostalgia captured my mind completely! Having reached our company accommodation, we geared up for the much awaited day- “First day of internship”! Having lived in Mumbai, I was aware of hassle of travelling by local and crucial timings to adhere to in order to be on time. We decided that it being the first day, we wouldn’t travel by Mumbai local but rather by cab (I’ve been a big uber fan since its inception in India!).
From our accommodation in Andheri to ICICI Lombard (HO) at Lower Parel, the 22 kms cab journey via sea link helped us rushing through the traffic. Yet we met with troubles in locating the office because of same name with different suffix (Tower Vs. corporate park!). Having reached 20 minutes late definitely increased our anxiety and blood pressure! Yet when we finally reached at reception, we got to know that HR executives were yet to start the program and we just managed to reach on time!
Introduction to “ANUBHAV” and ice-breaker sessions
Day started with introduction, but a bit differently! We were not supposed to introduce ourselves but our classmates along with their personality traits and niche characteristics. This way introduction became lot of fun! We were total 15 interns from 3 different IIMs. Just after introductions, there were quick ice-breaker activities. After the small group task kind of activities, recruitment HR gave welcome speech and briefed us about the various sessions to be conducted during the day.
Address by senior management
One thing was quite apparent by then that company had put lot of efforts in designing entire program beforehand by taking the inputs from all the stakeholders, including senior management. First address was by company HR head! He started with industry background, company’s growth trajectory and company’s first ever initiative of management intern program “ Anubhav” to fill the leadership gap by recruiting best talent from IIM campus and grooming them for top management roles. His address clearly indicated that internship program is being viewed from long term perspective and not just for 2 months horizon. After that, executive director addressed the batch of interns. He recalled his days at IIM and his having joined ICICI group the same way! He set the expectations from us in a very lucid manner. His speech gave us not just information and guidance but lot of motivation as well!
Lunch at Copper Chimney
Finally after the morning sessions we went to a restaurant where company HR team has already booked slot for team lunch! Having been in south India for long, North Indian food tasted so tasty that it was difficult to put that feeling into words! Group chat with all the new interns from different IIMs worked as cherry on top of ice-cram! Right after lunch, we were back at office at about 3.30.
Post lunch sessions!
HR team was completely aware of our situation we were in after a heavy lunch! We had tea/coffee being served at every half an hour then onwards just to keep us refreshed and attentive, attention given to the detail! We had a session by an HR team member describing the values and core principles that company follows and target setting exercise that company conducts at certain intervals. Then we had sessions taken by business vertical heads. They were the ones who interviewed us along with the HRs during selection process! Surprisingly they even remembered details despite being the time gap of months in between! They discussed the roles of various teams, company’s approach to maintain market leadership among private general insurance companies etc.
By day end, we were piled up with lot of things such as accessories, laptop bag and laptops! We were given the week wise internship plan as well! HR team’s announcement that we would have five days working literally let all interns cheered up! All company executives maintained one common message during their speeches, ” This the best time for you to enjoy and learn. You are having a break from your routine MBA studies and tight schedule. Make the best out of this opportunity. Roam around the city, explore nearby tourist attractions during weekends, party a lot and yet meet the learning goals during the weekdays to strike the perfect balance!” First day really seemed so much fun that it not just converted all anxiety into excitement; it provided lot of motivation to perform and enjoy the experience for entire eight weeks program!

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