The Tale of F-Day : Honey Parlani

THE TALE OF THE F-DAY – Honey Parlani, Sales and Marketin, SABMiller India Ltd.


The longhand took the gear

The day came of excitement and fear

First day of internship

Reminder of stern tips

Marked the end of honeymoon or induction

The path wasn’t smooth, but full of friction

It was different from what people state

It was a journey, that I must narrate…




The Starters:

The clock ticked seven

I felt like getting up in heaven

I got nicely dressed

Travel in Mumbai Metro made me look Stressed

It was a new day filled with joy and surprise

I exactly remember that I was scolded thrice

I reached the office by nine

Only to have a look at cleaning, to give office a shine

The mentor’s wait was long

To face him, I had to be strong…


The Main Course:

My mentor arrived at eleven

But 8-hour day didn’t get over by seven

My first encounter was with HR at ten

And she asked all W’s: What, Why, Where and When

If I would have tried to explain

I would have been taken as insane

So, I kept the answers precise

And she took me as wise

The office’s look was unfathomable

And I had to memorise structure to remain stable

I had several encounters with my mentor before we finally met

And I felt like winning streak, getting pass the grand gate

It was silence before storm

Break for lunch displayed its charm

The break finally arrived

It was the time, when happiness across faces thrived

All came to conference room

Not because the stock price saw a boom

But for lunch

And I got the time to munch

But what should I eat?

Not late enough, I realised there was no treat

Surprise was the order of the day

As I had food, for which I had to pay

Though the amount would be reimbursed

Only at the end of month, topic not further discussed

Meet with the Guest of Honour:

I met my mentor at three

Only post an hour and a half, I was set free

The conversation started on a light note

I thought of him as a dote

Introduction ended and subject started

He made me take note of deliverables and I found him sorted

He asked me several questions about Company

To him, my answers sounded like symphony

The concept of project was alien to me

As I am a teetotaller, you see

So, he explained draught beer in depth

I found that mesmerising, as he took no break to catch his breath

I embedded the concept in mind

But there arose many questions on every rewind

I tried to find solution

To finally realise that the concept was a fusion

So, I sought advise

To know what all did it comprise?

The answers were a mystery

And I heard only history




The Pickle & Spices:

I thought myself to be lucky, as it was Monday

But for Company’s ASMs, it was a churn day

I was introduced to them before we ate

So that I get along with them, like spoon with a plate

They were five

Pillars for the Mumbai drive

Some similar, some different

It was a glorious picture for the company, that they paint

They later turned out to be my backbone for markets

Giving me their precious time and data, to meet my research targets

The day was full of commotion

Every ASM desired to gain up strength though Potion

Numbers were in fight

All the ASMs were sitting upright

Weekly targets were debated

Promotions were dated

Several rounds of meeting were held

Benchmarks to stir action were propelled

My Project Guide was introduced before five

Who protected five and ensured they survive

A man calm and composed

Incomprehensible when provoked

He laid out my path

Without him, my project was difficult than math

The discussion ended at five

But for me, it was the time to strike

My first day’s beat was there

I was looking for that area’s ASM, with no time to spare

But before I could leave

I was given a brief

With a caution: Don’t return without insights

 As that would ignite fights


The Desserts:

1st day’s beat was at night

Don’t worry; The places I had to visit were full of light

Not that bright

But it was a great sight

This was the first time, I entered bars and pubs

I found not tea but alcohol filled cups

The interaction made me learn

Though some managers turned out to be stern

The beat ensured visit to at least 10 places

Where I encountered many new faces

Lessons of life came along

To me, it felt like a delightful song

My dinner awaited

I had to travel by Local, which I hated

I came across people who debated

Some were bearable, while others made me frustrated

I got down and reached home

But weather was still warm

I waited for the cold breeze

While mountain of work was there to tease

Making plans for next day

I had a lot to say

The target was huge

Before meeting my mentor, I had to clear my target dues

The Epilogue:

The day ended on a note

That I must quote

Today is a strive on a drive

Which will make my future bright and existence thrive

Forget about the past

Not in aghast

But as a bliss

For the opportunities, you didn’t miss

Let the future shape by your current actions

Where you complete the scene with positive fractions

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