The Tale of F-Day : Kruti Shah



Everytime I told someone, “I am interning at Red Bull”, only one reply came; “Oh send some crates home please!!”


I had imagined Red Bull to be cool, sporty and adventurous company but then the true realization happened at the first day of our induction. 13 young caterpillars had assembled at Courtyard by Mariott on 3rd April, 8am sharp, to be given our ‘WIINGS’.pic1

A cool round table set up, an F1 car for entertainment and ofcourse a chilled Red Bull freezer! What better a welcome!


Everything was well organized, we had our name cards, diaries and a docket with all our project and company details. The docket had our mentor introductions, entitlements, project details and ofcourse the cool places to chill nearby office!


The first day of the three day induction was dedicated to interaction with the top management of the company, to give us an idea of what each department does in Red Bull. We were given a warning, if we get bored, feel free to doodle and submit out entries in the Doodle art contest!


We met with the top management- GM, CMO, CFO, Commerical Head, Product Head, COO and by the end of the day I realized how great this company is! No formals needed, the top management themselves were dressed in cool funky casuals, making us feel over-dressed!


The next thing we were introduced to was the ‘Silent Disco’ concept! To break the room from back to back presentations, 2 DJs were assigned from our group and we had a DJ-War that lasted for just around 10minutes, but definitely enough to clear the dullness around the room.pic2


The last thing on the schedule for the day was a poolside cocktail party! Do I need to make it sound more fancy? Which company, on the first day, allows summer interns to join the stars of the company over drinks!? We got a chance to interact informally with our guides and each other. Ofcourse a little ‘DCP’ (for all the MBA folks :p) did ensue, but we can’t stop them, can we?


The first day was just a glimpse of what the company has in store for us. This glimpse definitely deepened on Day 2 and 3 of our induction. We had a fun filled Sales and Marketing challenge lined up for us, that gave us a glimpse of the Red Bull world!


WIINGS on board, learning to fly!

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