The Tale of F-Day : Mohit Bhat

IST Day – Mohit Bhat IIM,Jammu

“Trin! Trin! Trin! Trin!”. The sounds of alarm shook me up from my sleep in the wee hours of the morning. Actually, the truth is that I could barely sleep the previous night as the Butterflies in my stomach kept me awake. Though I am not a morning person, but that day something just brought me to my toes. And that “something” was the anticipation, of inception of a new chapter of my life, the exhilaration about the professional arena.

It was my first day as an intern with cloth merchandise giant “Arvind”

And who doesn’t want to look perfect on the D-day. So, I, too invested substantially to get that professional charm.

Hairs, all set. Outfit, absolutely formal, with every single crease being at its place. Shoes, mirror shining. Face, clean shaved. Ah! I wonder that even I could look this perfect. Well, I was flaunted by my own shadow in the mirror.

Thus, began the sojourn.

Half an hour of travel in the blazing heat of Gujarat, and I reached the gates of the organization. The first thing to struck me was the grandeur of the organization, tinted by old, mystic charisma.  It was really huge, though single storied, which is an uncommon site in this era of sky-scrappers. I was eager to rock the world, and thus, being impatient was normal. But as they say, patience and efforts bear sweeter fruits, it took me almost an hour to search and reach the person under whose aegis I was put. The humongous plant made me lose my way, not once but multiple times, to the point that I became exasperated! And nervous, damn! I was so much. I was late. Doubts like “what my mentor would be thinking about me?”,“What my manager would contemplate?” kept striking my mind every now and then. I silently prayed to god in my heavily thumping heart to control the situation. And guess what, he heard me.

And then, came the most awaited moment. I was shown the way to a big hall, with an enormous centre table and chairs, a projector T.V., a phone which they use to con-call, n few plants, in and around. There, they sat, at the edge, those two personalities, one, my mentor and the other, the executing director of the firm. I went inside, and before I could explain anything; I was welcomed there, with a bright smile and a warm handshake. Now, this was unexpected from the top management.  I always took them to be to be someone with heaps of attitude, grin on their face. But, they turned out to be exactly opposite. They personified the saying “Humility adorns knowledge”. I mean it’s difficult to fathom that people having such rich background, like alumni of IIT Delhi, IIM Bangalore and having industrial experience in corporate giants like BCG, could be so down to earth!!! And I’ve got a chance to start my professional carrier under them! Oh, dear destiny! You finally smiled upon me!!!

These guys briefed me about the organization, its products and services, and various operations that it indulges into. Soon after, we were joined by one more person, and they introduced me to him. After having a short discussion, they zeroed down on my project. And guess what! I couldn’t believe my ears after what I heard. Instead of assigning me a minute project, which is usually done for interns by the corporate, they said that they would rope me in to their corporate strategy team, and I would work with the strategists!!!  I mean such a huge opportunity at my doorstep, in the very first moment of my corporate career, for which people, even of coveted business schools, have to shed sweat and blood to arrive at.

I silently thanked the almighty in my heart, at least a million times, and resolved to be true to the people who put their trust into my capabilities, and the organization, who absorbed me into something so amazing.

Thereafter, my mentor escorted me to the floor, and introduced me to rest of the team-members. I was struck by awe after I got to know the people and from where they come, with whom I would spin my work life. They were all from business schools of epitome like BLACK and had a work experience in various corporate giants. Luck! Are you playing some joke on me or it’s that you are just being generous!!!

Another amaze that the day offered was the brands that come under the aegis of Arvind- Zara, Gap, H&M , and what all and what not. I mean all the big clothing brands that I could think about. Meanwhile, my stupid heart kept contemplating about the discounts that I would get on these…

I was shrouded by feelings of delirium and anxiousness at the same time. But I was strong willed that I won’t let these people down , who have placed so much trust on me, and would work day in and day out , to secure a Pre-Placement offer here, as you rarely get such opportunities in life and one should try to make hay while the sun shines!

The day proceeded absolutely amazingly, startling me every now and then. I further read about the organization and its operations, and also got to know about the organizational culture, which was employee friendly too.

Soon after, the evening arrived and with hope in my heart, zeal in my attitude and intention to succeed and prove myself, I called it a day with exasperation to begin again, with even more diligence.

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