The Tale of F-Day : Palkin Khurana

The D-Day – Palkin Khurana, NMIMS

Night before the D-Day:

  • Formal Wear – Check!
  • Formal Shoes – Check!
  • Documents – Check!

The D-Day:

  • Enter conference/Training room – Check!
  • See new faces (and some interns from the same college) – Check!
  • Whiteboard – Check!
  • Projector – Check!

This combination of stress, the new environment, and the uncertainty that a new experience brings is something that usually keeps you on your toes.

Wait! Wait! Wait!! Let’s add some Red Bull to this now:

Formal Wear – Uncheck!, Casuals – Check!

Training room? – Nah!, Enter Courtyard Marriott!

F1 Racing console – Check!

Red Bull Chillers – Of course!!

                Partyyy!! – Hell yes!!!

Wasn’t this summer one for the books!!, I entered the world of Red Bull not knowing what to expect. This was my first internship in a FMCG firm and all I was looking for was knowledge but I gained so much more.

Our orientation was held at Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Andheri East. I met the co-interns in the lobby area where we sat next to one another. Oh well! One of the advantages that most of us had was that we had already met several others during the Red Bull Tour Bus and Red Bull soap box race 2016, where Red Bull had invited all the interns even before the internship started. So, we all had plenty of time to get acquainted with one another. Next, we headed for breakfast.

“Diving In” to a new experience can be quite stimulating. My mind was only wondering about what’s in store for us next so I could hardly eat! My eyes wandered to view the beautiful interior of the place and after completing my breakfast I decided to head towards the meeting room where our orientation was planned. The room was well lit, with a projector, Red Bull chillers and, a Ferrari car!!No wonder this was where our orientation was planned! I saw personalized binder on our tables which had the induction plan, details of everybody’s respective project and a short bio of our respective mentors, a list of hotels near the office. In short it had everything we would need necessarily during our 2 months’ stay at the Red Bull office.

So, the first day was dedicated to Introduction to Red Bull India and leadership interaction. All the Red Bull leaders made their presentation on their respective departments. I spent the day learning about the different departments and was just wowed by the grandeur of the company and the activities that the company does. I knew I am in a “marketing heaven”, I knew that every day would be a learning ground and an opportunity to learn more.

At the same time, the thought of having a part to play in this major organization was quite a privilege. Just one day old I had already started to spread wings all over.{Red Bull gives you wings!}

By the way, have you ever experienced “Silent Disco” during the first day of your internship!? Well, we did. Adding a little more excitement to this unique experience, I was the DJ! Sounds, fun right!

Another welcome distraction was the tasty (and free) food offered at Marriott for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Red Bull is a place to work hard, achieve great things and have fun in everything we do! So after this long eventful day, guess what was waiting for us!?


{I gave you a hint}

A POOLSIDE PARTY! PERIOD! The entire Red Bull family was there to welcome us and party hard with us. You know what was best about that party? That was the most ideal set up to have the most meaningful conversations with the leadership team and senior members of Red Bull. The environment made the striking up a conversation as easy as a wink.

So this day came to an end and we all knew that this place indeed is the perfect cocktail for an action-packed internship!!