The Tale of F-Day : Surya Teja

Name:                  K C Surya Teja

College:               NMIMS, Mumbai

Company:           EATON

Domain:               B2B Marketing

Role:                     Marketing Research Intern

Dodging the scorching summer heat, I got down from the auto in front of a huge metal gate. Beyond the gate, there lay, four huge, curved buildings, with each building having many MNC corporate offices in them. I quickly stepped out of the auto and paid the fare. ‘Wow, Pune is cheaper than Mumbai’ I thought. Enthralled with pure gay and excitement of what lay ahead in the most important two months of my MBA life (other than the placements of course), I went straight through the gate, only to be stopped by the security guard who demanded an ID card. He was tall and heavily built. Most importantly, he was frightening. I gained whatever little courage I could and told him that this was my first day and I am here as an intern. However, he would not listen. On his persistent insistence, I went back to the gate and to the reception. To my surprise, a while ago, this place had hardly any people. Now, it looked like a sale at a retail mart. I realized that I would be late on that day and desperately needed to save my face. I jumped the queue and reached the reception in the half the time than expected. The receptionist took my details and gave me the Holy Grail i.e. the temporary pass. I flashed it to the guard and rushed to my office.

The buildings looked like petals of a flower and differentiated as Clusters A, B, C and D. I inquired an ongoing employee and found that the company, where I will be interning, was in Cluster C. I dashed my way through the vehicles and finally reached the first floor of Cluster C. The receptionist asked my whereabouts and asked me for my joining letter. My white cotton shirt was almost wet and I my face showed anxiety. She looked at the letter carefully and looked at me from top to bottom. Pointing to the footnote of the letter, she said, “Sir, you need to report to the 7th floor of Cluster B”.

‘Damn’ I thought ‘I need to run again’.

I made myself a Tom Cruise for a while and rushed to Cluster B. By the time I reached the actual cluster, I was soaked with sweat and tired. I reached the office and handed the joining letter to the guard. He gave a weird look and asked me to sit in the waiting area. Apparently, I was the first person to reach there (Yay?).

Soon, my co-interns from my college other colleges joined me in the waiting area. We exchanged pleasantries and chatted about almost everything under the sun for a short time. About half an hour later. A young woman showed us the way into the corporate office. ‘This is where I would be spending my two months hence’ I thought.

We were led to a big room and the woman introduced us to another woman in the room. She showed a presentation on the history of EATON and the work they do. They practically answered every question of ours. After another hour, we were taken into another conference room where we had a brief with our HR on the various policies. She gave a small introduction on the do and don’ts, the company policies, the corporate policies etc. The HR is really a wonderful person and had made sure that we were comfortable with the organization. Her positive and friendly tone had put our minds at ease.

A positive vibe grew inside of me. I felt that I am no longer a stranger here. Tea and coffee were served while we met our mentors. My assigned mentor is Anurag, a sophisticated and a calm individual. He displayed a friendly attitude and talked as if we knew each other from a long time.  He introduced me to his team of two individuals. He assigned me my first task and I told me that I would be working with the team on my project. The two people in the team are very friendly and told me reach them whenever I am stuck with anything.

In the afternoon, we all went together to the cafeteria and I had one of the best meals in my life. I started working on my project on the same day. True to their word, they always helped me whenever I am stuck with anything.

The day concluded at 6.00 PM and I headed my way back. Eaton had already been my home by then. The warm and the caring people in the cool and brightly lit cabins, made me feel that I belong here. As I walked back to my place that evening, I felt the cool breeze of Pune, brush through my face. I slowly walked on the deserted roads, excited for the next day.

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