Aishwarya Pandey , former Analyst at Capgemini India

In order to crack CAT one requires strong determination coupled with timed efforts and correct strategy. In CATking they not only guide you on how to score well but also make a personalized strategy to convert your calls. The faculty is there by your side, available 24×7 until you step into the B school. The shortcuts, tips, and tricks are a boom for any CAT aspirant. They stick to the “ Number tumhe laane hai” methodology and make every effort so that the student converts the call. The GDPI sessions no doubt train you to get to the top-notch and stand out from the rest.

If you want to land up into a top B school, CATking is the right place for you!! All the best:)

Aishwarya Pandey, former Analyst at Capgemini India

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