Know what helped Ishan get into JBIMS

When I enrolled for CATking, I was looking for something more than any other class would provide. I was looking for guidance and structured process for preparing for competitive exam, and I found exactly what I was looking for. Concepts and syllabus would be covered by any other coaching classes but CATking helps us plan our preparation of topics, tempo of preparation and mocks.

Planning is very important in competitive exams where you have to study for a whole year and then exam is just a matter of one day. Comprehensive plan for mocks and revision just a few months before exams offered by CATking was extremely crucial and effective. All I had to do was follow the plan.

Being experienced MBA professional themselves Rahul sir and Anisha maam provided us with valuable insights from their experience during before interview rounds began. Their guidance also helped me identify key problem areas and techniques to improve time and speed during regular course. I am extremely thankful to CATking and team, Rahul sir, Anisha maam to help me get into one of the top Business Schools – JBIMS

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