The Tale F-Day : Abhishek Patra

The Tale of the F-Day at Gray Routes

Sector: Information Technology

Internship is an integral part of every MBA grad. It is two complete months of in the industry experience that everyone looks for. It is vital in many aspects as it gives a taste of everything a B-school grad ought to face in the real world after they are through with their course of MBA.

I got a chance to intern with a start-up company named Gray Routes. I got placed for summer internship in this company through my college’s placement process. To briefly let you know about the company, it is a solutions provider for hyperlocal logistics and sales force automation through SaaS. They have a dedicated R&D team that does all the coding and designing of products that help in solving issues of small to big companies.

The first day at the company

First of anything is always exciting. But first day at a company also involves a sense of nervousness and a bit of excitement. Holding these two feelings in my heart, I arrived at my office building. As advised, I was before time so that I don’t spoil my first impression in front of the company. As I reached, I saw two fellow interns already waiting there. To get familiar, I started with a hello and further conversed with them and getting to know from which college they hailed and how they felt about the first day at the company.

While we were conversing, one of the employees came out of the office and asked us whether we were the interns that were to join for 2 months in the company. As we replied with a positive nod, he invited us in and asked us to take seats in the conference room.

It was just the 3 of us at that time waiting for the proceedings for the day. One by one other fellow interns joined the room and soon we were immersed in random conversations. We tried to get to know about each other and I found that many shared the same feeling as mine about the first day at the company. Not many were freshers, unlike me, so they were pretty much comfortable with this kind of environment. But me being a fresher was more of nervous than excited.

We were all before time and waiting for the clock to strike 10:00 am and the internship to officially start. In few minutes, the hour hand of the clock went past 10 and a few more minutes later entered a lady. She was the co-founder of the company. She greeted us with a smile and welcomed us all to the company.

She started off with introducing herself to us. She talked about her prior experience and slowly moved on to how the company took its birth from an idea to the present state it is in now. Starting from its inception to the different stages that the company went through was showcased by her. Through the presentation, she talked about the general guidelines that we were to take care of in our due course of 8 weeks. She made us a bit more excited when she announced that our internship will be in a different pattern i.e. kind of a reality show. She briefed us a bit about that and then she left us with a task of finding out all about the company and its products by surfing the net and then prepare a presentation of our understanding of a particular product.

After she exited the room, the systems official came in and configured all our laptops with the Wi-Fi of the office. As soon as the configuration was done, we were off to a start with our individual tasks with a zeal of enthusiasm.

In the next hour, we had filled our internet browser screen with multiple number of tabs. While we were continuing with our search on the net, we heard someone knock the door. As I lifted my head from my laptop screen, I found that tea had arrived for us. A guy in his 20’s was there with a tray full of cups of tea. As I was collecting my share of cup of tea, I glanced through the room and found some people had already started sipping their tea. This obviously increased our concentration towards our tasks.

Just when the clock struck 1pm, we all left for lunch. We went in to a Veg restaurant and placed our individual orders. Along with lunch, we had fair bit of discussion on how our day had been. After finishing our lunch and settling up our bill, we went back to the office. We felt the same way everyone feels after lunch, a bit dizzy but not low on enthusiasm. So we continued with our journey to make the best of presentations of our life.

We all had made a detailed research and had gained much greater insights about the company and its products. We all selected our templates and put all our presentation skills into play. With all the content we had generated, it did not take much time in putting the content in our presentation. When it was about time for our first day to end, we all mailed our presentations to Mam.

After that we all had small chit-chat about how we all had made our own presentations and then discussed about our expectations of the whole internship experience. When the clock struck 7pm, we started to pack our bags and leave for our respective stay places. As I left the office, I looked back at the building, took a snap through my phone and then imagined how the complete experience would be for me in the days to come.

– Abhisek Patra