The Tale F-Day : Aman Dua

CATKing’s Tale of the First Day

First date,  first trip, first day at school, first day at work, charm of some things just never die and first time is one of them. My first job opportunity came in form of two months summer internship at Apollo tyres limited at its limda (Vadodara, Gujarat) plant in human resources field. For the uninitiated, Apollo tyres is the world’s 17th biggest tyre manufacturer, with annual consolidated revenues of Rs 117.1 billion (US$1.8 billion) in march 2016. I reached Vadodara one day prior to start of internship where my batch mate who was also selected for internship in same organization had already found our abode for two months. Then came the big day, armed with confidence, blessings from elders and wishes from friends we moved towards our destination. Excitement had clearly overpowered travel fatigue from last day as we reached our destination at (08.55) eight fifty-five, (35) thirty five minutes before our reporting time! Security guard told us to get our ids and deposit our bags at the entrance area, looking into camera immediately reminded me of movie horrible bosses where its protagonist Nick had to look into camera every day of work, ‘welcome to Apollo tyres’ ,a sweet pre-recorded voice bought me back to reality, my first day at work had officially begun. At (09.30) nine-thirty we met our mentor who is executive-HR at Apollo tyres; we also met two new joiners in other departments .After introduction, our mentor showed us a presentation on Apollo tyres covering its past, present and future aspects, it ended with ceo‘s message welcoming us all to Apollo tyres. Sipping through the delicious hot coffee, our mentor answered our queries. At (12.30) twelve- thirty we enjoyed sumptuous lunch. After lunch our mentor briefed us about Limda plant in particular and company polices, further he told us about the role of human resource department and how it has evolved over past few years, it was heart-warming to see that classroom concepts were fully implemented at Apollo tyres, thereafter we met a senior member from HR team who handed us our two days induction plan covering plant tour, department meetings, HR team meeting and assigning of projects. At (14.30) fourteen-thirty we discussed various things with our mentor as in why we chose HR, why Apollo tyres, our roles, our future aspirations, our expectations from this internship. At (15.30) fifteen-thirty our mentor had to go for a meeting leaving us for the day, we passed the remaining time talking with two new joiners, at (16.50) sixteen-fifty after having our second coffee of the day we were ready to leave for the day, as I reflected back on the day ,there were mixed feelings, not being able to meet the HR team owing to appraisals day was a bit disappointing but learning about the company, its policies was a new experience altogether ,day 1 of 60 days had officially ended and as I left for the day Heraclitus ‘s quote came into my mind, ‘the only thing that is constant is change’.

Written by Aman dua

IIM Kashipur-2016-18

Internship duration-01/04/2017-31/05/2017

Company-Apollo tyres ltd.