The Tale F-Day : Amod Tripathi

The First Day

It’s already 8.02AM when I knocked my friend’s door at a P.G. accommodation in Gurgaon. “You are required to report at the Gurgaon Plant at 9.15 AM sharp” my internship letter read and the words of one of my alumni working in the same company, “Don’t be late” echoed in my years. I took an overnight train journey from my hometown to Delhi and then travelled to Gurgaon from there.

I entered the premises, just in time, surviving the Gurgaon traffic jams. Found myself in front of this huge gate to enter the company. Living in Gurgaon prior to my MBA, crossing this gate a thousand times and always being awestruck by this grand structure, never even though of getting into this gate someday and life turns around in most unexpected ways.

I crossed a large number of employees, all in uniforms while I was walking towards the venue for reporting. I entered the room, an executive is already present in the room and the session had just started. I and my friend could figure out two adjacent empty seats in the last row and we rushed towards them.

Now, the thing to start with- Introduction. Everybody in the room was eager to know about the other suited student turned professionals in the room. Everybody was called on the stage to introduce themselves by telling one interesting thing about them. This was followed by sessions introducing us about the various verticals of the company. Lunch followed. After the break we had the opportunity to interact with each other and the discussion continued until the next session started.

The excitement reached a new high when we were taken for a plant visit. The Gurgaon plant is spread over 300-acres and has 25% area dedicated as green area. This plant turns out 9 lakh cars every year.

During the visit we crossed 7 process shops, 5 assembly lines and were amazed to know that around 1,700 robots are working in tandem with the employees in this plant. We were shown the 3 stages of inspection which is the reason why the entire country put its trust into the products of the company. Amazingly it takes just 12 hours to make one car and one car is rolled out every twelve seconds in the production process.

We got to know what drives the largest passenger car maker in the country and why millions of Indians put their faith in the company. We came to know that a team of over 13200 dedicated and passionate professionals work for the company and the product portfolio contains 15 car models with over 150 variants. The nationwide service network span across over 1500 cities and towns and a sales network that spreads across 1471 cities. The two state of art factories are located in Gurgaon and Manesar which together turn out 15 lakh cars annually. Everybody got this wonderful opportunity to see the application of the classroom concepts in the real world.

The cake cutting ceremony followed to mark a start of this wonderful journey and as an end to this wonderful day. We all left the venue excited to be here again the next day.