The Tale F-Day : Ankita Mittal

The F-Day Tale – Ankita Mittal

3rd April 2017, a perfectly sunny and pleasant summer morning, I found myself nervous and unsure of what to expect from the first day of my internship. En route to the head-office of IndusInd Bank, I had no idea what to expect from the office life that awaited me around the corner.

IndusInd Bank stands tall today as one of the reputed banking brands in the country. The Bank has combined responsiveness with innovation to launch a wide range of banking products and services which are unique, convenient and very relevant to Indian consumer. These unique propositions are always communicated by a 360 degree integrated marketing approach to propagate the service message more effectively.

Being a fresher, I felt like ‘Alice in the Wonderland’ and I held my breath as I entered the building for the first time. With my head full of uncertainties about what lay ahead, I found myself sitting in front of my mentor. After I had briefly introduced myself, he explained me about the role of his team at IndusInd bank. Following this, he discussed my project, my role and his expectations from me. Once this was over, I found myself heading towards my seat, where I was introduced to the team members I would be working with in the coming weeks. I was now a member of the team. And thus my journey at IndusInd Bank was set afoot.

As the day progressed, I realized how incredibly lucky I was to be a part of the corporate finance team, where I had the chance to appreciate the practical aspects of the concepts I had learnt in my classes. It amazed me to see so many people, doing different tasks yet, working together. The synergy of the work place astounded me as I realized that communication and leadership are just as important as knowledge at the work place.

Finally, the day came to a close and I was full of a new found enthusiasm to learn and prove my worth. I found myself at the start of an 8 weeks adventure, full of highs and lows, hard-work and smart work, and eventually a learning experience I will treasure for life.