The Tale of F-Day : Ankur

My first day @Muthoot Fincorp Limited – Ankur
It was a hot morning on 1st April, 2017 when I reached the headquarters of Muthoot Fincorp Limited. Just 12 hours earlier, I was on my way to IGI Airport, New Delhi to catch my flight to Trivandrum and after an extremely tiring journey of more than 3000 km and that too while staying awake the whole time (just couldn’t sleep with all the noise), I reported at MFL’s HQ at 9am (30 minutes before the reporting time given to us) along with 3 of my classmates.
Now it so happens that there is a morning prayer in the dining hall of the company at 9:23am and one of the employees there was nice enough to invite us for that. I was fascinated by the number of employees who actually come to attend the prayer (of course it was not mandatory to attend) and the fact that the last time I attended a morning prayer during my high school days, way back in 2011 made things more interesting. After that the receptionist asked the summer interns to wait in the waiting room till Ms. Elizabeth (our Point-of-Contact) calls us. And we waited for another half an hour while everyone introduced one another. After that one of the security people ask us to go to ‘Jasmine’ on the 2nd floor and we happily obliged. After gaining entry to the 2nd floor (which was daunting task as we didn’t have access to the biometric system then), I asked one of the employees if he was kind enough to tell where can we meet Jasmine mam. And that was it. Suddenly he and other two guys sitting in his cabin started laughing and it left all of us confused. Then he revealed that there is a conference room at all the floors of the building and Jasmine was actually the name of the conference room at that floor and while others laughed, I too embarrassed to look at the funnier side of the conversation. Another round of discussion started among all the interns in Jasmine (there are 17 of us here) till Elizabeth Thomas mam from HR finally came to meet us. After our introductions we were asked to fill a form and complete the formalities (such as ID cards, biometric scanning, account details etc.) and we left for lunch after that. It was then I realized that I am not going to have an easy time dealing with the locals seeing as I don’t know Malayalam (I am born and brought in North India) after I was not able to tell the people serving the food in the cafeteria that I don’t want fish 😛 (I am a vegetarian).
After finishing our lunch, we were intimated by the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of MFL that Mr. Thomas John Muthoot, Group Chairman and Managing Director, Muthoot Pappachan Group will interact with all the summer interns shortly. The meeting was in the Board Room (feeling so elite at this point of time :P) and after brief introductions, he explained what was expected from us and the mission and vision of the organization. I was nice to hear someone so acclaimed (He is a Harvard graduate) and Chairman of one of the oldest groups in the country. After the meeting, we were asked to go to Jasmine again where we were introduced to the IT team and one of the management trainees from the HR department.
Well, then came the shock. As per the IT policies of Muthoot Fincorp, if you are going to use their Wi-Fi, then you must install some software on your laptop which will block the USB ports, Gmail, Youtube and Torrents for the duration of the internship (And I brought my hard disk full of movies and serials for these 2 months). After that Mr. Vineeth, the management trainee accompanying us directed to our respective departments and there I met with my mentors Ms. Devika R, Vice President, Organizational Development and Ms. Soumya, Assistant Manager, Organizational Development. I had a very comprehensive meeting with them about my project focused on employee engagement. I presented the template suggesting the manner in which I am going to proceed with the project and both of them were very satisfied with my ideas. It was then, Ms. Devika conveyed that being a student of a big name institute, she has very high expectations from me and is looking forward to the progress I make over the next few days.

Personally, I liked her as she is a very respected person in the organization (a fact evident by the celebrations on her birthday). While I had prepared myself by working on the project during my final term of the college, I realized that the expectations are high from me and that certainly doesn’t make my job any easier (Also, I am fresher without any work experience, so the workplace culture was new to me).
After the meeting, I was given my own cubicle to work (the first of many in my corporate life) and there I started working on the most dreaded and boring (albeit the most important) aspect of any project, LITERATURE REVIEW. I started browsing through some of the research papers that I need to read and analyze. At 5:30 in the evening, I bid adieu to my colleagues, packed my stuff and went with my friends to MG Road (the best market place of the city) to hangout and check the city.
So, this was how I spent my day at Muthoot Fincorp and I am really enjoying my here working in the challenging situations, while being aware of the high expectations my superiors have from the guy from IIM working for them.

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