The Tale of F-Day : Annupreeti

The Tale of F-Day – Annupreeti, NMIMS, SIEMENS Ltd.

3rd April 2017 was the auspicious day when I started my internship at SIEMENS LTD. (Mumbai, Kalwa office). My actual journey with SIEMENS started 3 weeks ago when I got my project and company mentor details. SIEMENS is one of the few companies which sends the detail of the summer project with proper deliverables a month prior to the internship so that the student is prepared and has a clear idea of the outcome. My project was related to Employer Branding and Employee Value Proposition and I started my preparation in full swing. I was ecstatic to visit the factory at Kalwa on the first day. SIEMENS’s factory at Kalwa started in 1966 which masters in the production of switchgear and motors. My excitement reached zenith due to the anticipation of being a part of such a technologically advanced company.

I was one of the 5 lucky summers interns (3 from NMIMS Mumbai and 2 from XLRI) to be selected for the HR internship. We were completely mesmerized by the factory layout. Having visited a steel factory before, I had painted a similar picture for the SIEMENS factory. The reality was even better.  The lush green arena, impeccable cleanliness, innovative factory design and adherence to regulations were the reasons I fell in love with SIEMENS at first sight. I was brimming with pride in wearing the company badge. I felt extremely ecstatic as I entered the canteen for breakfast where the simple yet tasty breakfast won my heart.

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The 4 days induction program was named “Swaagat”. The induction program was conducted for both the permanent employees and interns. This was a unique opportunity for us to mingle with permanent employees. It was like a cherry on the cake. Similar to the anticipation of a school kid visiting the school for the first time, I occupied the first bench. The event kick-started with a fun-filled introduction session organized by Ms. Sukhada Upasani (Senior HR manager).  The South Asia HR Head Mr. Ramesh Shankar S commenced the event by giving an inspirational speech. Being an extremely charismatic and optimistic person, he explained the 3 pillars of SIEMENS – Values, Customer First Culture, and India 2020 vision. SIEMENS, a technological marvel, has always focussed on external customer satisfaction and service excellence. By the end of his passionate speech, I developed a strong connection with the company.  The next session was to provide information on the overview of Siemens.

The history of Siemens in India dates back to 1867 when Werner von Siemens personally supervised the laying of the first telegraph line between London and Calcutta. The first company office was founded in 1922. Siemens has 22 factories located across India, 8 Centers of Competence and 11 R&D Centers and a nation-wide sales and service network. The factories manufacture Steam Turbines, Switchgear, Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS), Motors and Generators, Relays and Smart Grid Systems, Transformers, Railway Bogies, and X-ray Machines. These have been set up replicating global, best-in-class manufacturing systems and practices. Globally, Siemens is a leader in providing technology solutions for setting up intelligent (smart), sustainable cities. Innovation has always been the key to their success. The session included the futuristic innovation being adopted by SIEMENS such as Industry 4.0, Bots and artificial intelligence.  The next 2 sessions explained the Building Technologies and Mobility business divisions of the company in detail. It was followed by lunch.  Contrary to the belief that the food at the factory is not appealing, the food at the Kalwa factory was successful in taming my hunger buds.

After lunch, came the most awaited session – The industrial visit. Having a background in electrical engineering, I was extremely curious to see the technological advancements undertaken by SIEMENS in manufacturing. The machinery, equipment, operations mechanism, and technology were best in the industry. The industry guide was able to sense my inherent excitement and explained every process in detail to suffice my curiosity. The next session was very light-hearted which involved a group activity. The attendees were divided into 4 groups and were given the task of creating a tagline and logo for the company on the basis of the experience until then.  Everyone unleashed their creative sides and enjoyed the process whole-heartedly. In the end, the 5 HR interns met Mr. Praveen Deshmukh (Industrial Head of SIEMENS India Ltd.) for a formal conversation. He gave an in-depth explanation of the industrial relations scenario in the 23 factories in India. He talked about the trade unions, training opportunities, and benefits for blue collared workers and the future of Industrial Relations. It was an extremely intellectual discussion. By the end of the first day, I was mesmerized by the company, people and the ambiance and eagerly waited for the internship to start in full force.

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