The Tale of F-Day : Anurag Chaudhary

The Tale of F-Day  – Anurag Chuadhary

I am Anurag Chaudhary, currently pursuing my MBA from IIM Calcutta. I am currently in Mumbai, interning with K12 Techno services Ltd. in Operations.

I have been very fond of Mumbai but never got a chance to stay here, so I was super excited as I am going to be in my dream city for 2 months. I contacted all my friends and was ready to meet them all.

Mumbai, as usual welcomed me with a day full of adventure and here is my story of first day of intern with K12 Techno services Ltd.  I woke up at 7 am and started to get ready, I was continuously checking google map to see how much time it will take to reach my workplace. I started at 9 am estimating to be there by 10 am which was around 20 minutes away. However, I underestimated the traffic of Mumbai. I was stuck in the traffic and to add to it my Uber took me to a closed road, so I decided to walk the rest of the distance which was 600m. This time, I underestimated the weather of Mumbai.

So, I reached the venue at 10:15 covered in sweat and dust and went straightaway in the conference room. But my HR was kind enough to give me some extra time to freshen up. Anyways, meeting started, we were given few documents to fill up and were given some tea and biscuits for refreshment. Being a 7 year old company there arrangements were good as they helped us with Xerox, printout etc. After the documentation was done all the interns were introduced with one-another. There were people from IIM Calcutta and SIBM Bangalore. After the introduction we were asked to have lunch. After the lunch break we had a video conference with the Bangalore team and understood about the organization and their way of working. We were told about Do’s and Don’ts and were explained how important gender equality in the organization is. We were told that they had zero tolerance policy towards sexual harassment case and we were told to inform our managers if we feel discomfort of any kind. After the video conference, we were told about our respective branches and were introduced to our work. I was full excited to work in operations that too at ground level.

In all this excitement, my phone rang and my mom reminded me that I have to find a place to live. So I started to call whatever contact I had and told everyone that I have to move today.

One broker invited me to show the property in HDIL premier residency in Kohinoor city. I enquired about the place in the office and everyone was kind enough to help me. Even my HR talked to the broker and helped me to seal the deal.

So, I asked my HR to excuse me for 1 hour as I had to complete few formalities for my house and he was kind enough to allow me to go. As I was in Uber share I was sharing my cab with a girl named Ayushi from IIM Lucknow, she too was interning in Mumbai and was looking for a place.

As I reached my broker’s office in Oberoi garden estate, I headed towards the C wing and entered in the lift; pressed the button for 4th floor. It just bounced there, I tried closing the gate tightly and pressed the button again. It bounced again, I tried to open the door and nothing happened. I tried to take the lift to ground floor, it again bounced. I tried pressing different buttons, nothing happened and even lift stopped bouncing at this point of time. OH MY GOD!! I AM TRAPPED INSIDE THE LIFT.

I panicked like hell, I started to press the alarm but no one was listening, I took out my phone but there was no signal. I was banging on the door with my leg and fist, shouting at my highest pitch and praying to god. I was about to cry but then I heard some voice from the outside.

The kind soul told me not to worry as he is going to call the guard. I waited for him inside the lift with all the suffocation and each and every moment felt like a lifetime. He came back after 15 minutes saying he was not able to find the guard. I was so depressed and sad at that time that I went full HULK on the door and managed to open one of them. As soon as I opened the door, network came in my phone.  And along with network, I received call from the broker. I informed him about my condition and he assured me to not to worry and he is sending someone for help. Well in next 15 minutes, guard came, opened the door, I slid from the lift and jumped on the ground floor and was drinking water in the broker’s office.

On my return, I narrated the whole incident to my manager and my colleagues, we had a good laugh about it. And this also provided a platform for our HR to share few emergency numbers with us, whom we can call if we are in trouble. After this, we were told about our schedule for next few weeks and were told about the training we will go through.

In the break I went to check out the bunker room of the office, which was there for relaxation and had a television as well especially for the IPL. After the break, we were asked to clarify our doubts and then we were given leave and were suggested to enjoy the city.

And my first day full of adventure, anxiety and fun with K12 Techno services was over. It was already night and I went straight to my house and dozed off even without changing my clothes.

Fast forward to today, I am still in love with Mumbai and learning new things each and every day with K12 Techno services Ltd.