The Tale of F-Day : Atharv Paranjpe

Tale of the first day at NECO Industries

It was 5th April and the clock struck 9’ “Hurry up,” yelled my room partner, “the taxi will be here any minute…”. As we sat in the taxi for our first day of summer internship at NECO group of industries, my mind went back 3 years ago to that Monday, when I joined my first job at Tata Consultancy services, Trivandrum. I was equally nervous and excited and wondered that few things about us humans just don’t change. As we reached the premises of the industry, the acrid smell of smoke drifted towards me. My friend in the taxi told me that this smell was of the chemical that is mixed with liquid metal while it is poured into a mold. As we got down at the entrance gate for signing on the entrance pass, I quietly prepared myself mentally to get used to such smokes and smells for next 7 weeks.

It was a short walk of some 200 meters from entrance gate to corporate HR building where we were required to report. As we sat in the reception, I smoothed my hands over my suit for the millionth time, just to ensure I make a good and crisp first impression. After a wait of some 10-15 minutes, a beautiful lady greeted us and took us to the office of Chief human resource officer of the company.  After entering the office, I saw 2 more young boys, dressed in smart suits waiting to hear from CHRO. After our initial introduction we came to know that we shall be competing with boys from IIM Raipur and IIM Indore for that precious PPO. The CHRO started with giving us a brief introduction about the steel industry and the company. We were told how NECO industries have been battling it out in these though time for steel and power industry. After understanding about the current scenario of the company and the industry, I asked him, about himself and what was the secret behind his successful career, to which he replied “keeping open, curious and organised mind” was the secret of his success. Quietly all four of us glanced at each other, understanding the expectations that they had from us. Next we were taken in the food court which to my surprise was at par with that of any multi-national IT company. After some tea and break-fast, we were taken to work- floor station, where the actual workers were working. It was around 11’o clock and perhaps 37 degree centigrade outside. But the moment we entered the premises in which boiler was operating, it felt like suddenly the temperature has ticked 10 degrees higher. As we were taken around the floor, I could see various certificates of factories act, Industrial employment standing orders act, OSHAS tips of does and don’ts etc. Though it was hot inside, yet after seeing all this, the HR and the electrical engineer inside me suddenly woke up, taking my excitement to all together different level. We spent good 2-3 hours on floor, interacting with leads of various departments and discussing about various problems that they face during the course of a normal day.

At 2 pm, our organisation mentor got in touch with us and took us to company canteen for lunch. Over lunch he told us about our projects and the expectations of the company. He also gave us a brief about some of the projects that our seniors had done with the company. As they say, after lunch is when most of the real work begins. We were taken to our cubicles and were assigned a laptop each. We then headed to conference hall, wherein we were given our new email accounts and office ID cards. This was followed up by a 2 hour session with our organisation mentor explaining us about the company, our project and general does and don’ts, which concluded with a small address from the CEO of the company!!

As the meeting finished, it was time for us to leave the office. I still remember, we were more exhausted on that day than we were for the whole rest of the week! The work is very meticulous and detail-oriented, but manageable for sure.

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