The Tale of F-Day : Bhawna Satija

Being a Hero at Hero MotoCorp

When the city of my summer internship was confirmed to be Kolkata, I was happy and dismal at the same time as I had hoped that the internship location would be Delhi. But then, very soon the tedium abhorring, ambitious, challenge embracing champ within me took control, and I was looking forward to the fervour of living in a new city, exploring the cultural heritage of the City of Joy and adding some Bengali colour to my life. I arrived here, the weekend before my internship was to commence and soon came to experience one of the most happening cities in India.

When I first landed at the Kolkata airport, I was uncertain of what to expect from the two long months that lay ahead. New City. New People. New voyage. It was my first visit to Kolkata and it was going to be my very first experience as a working professional in the ‘City of Joy’. My summer internship was a window into the corporate world and the learnings have been etched quite into my skin. As a fresher, nothing quite braces you for the first dose of work life. You hear a great deal of stories, document tons of advice and sit through long lectures on what you ought to expect, but the first dip in the deep end is still frightening. Invigorating yes, but frightening.
I was required to report to the office in Salt Lake area on a Monday morning. However, the excitement of working at the Zonal Office of Hero MotoCorp meant I reached office on my first day of internship 30 minutes before time. Contrary to my expectations of a huge office building going with the pride of the country’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, the office was still a spacious place occupying a whole floor in a huge building. That is when I realised that for the next 2 months, I will have the honour of working alongside some of the brightest brains of the country. I was a bit nervous in the beginning but those fears were put to rest in the first half an hour though, as I was introduced to a fellow intern in the Sales and Marketing Division who would be working with me on the same project. Ah well, safety in numbers. We both were soon made to sit in a conference room where we were introduced to our mentor and the team. The atmosphere in the office was quite amicable with managers from different divisions greeting us to make us feel comfortable. On the first day, the interns were required to understand the organizational structure and working of Hero MotoCorp. We were briefed about the working hours, the general culture, and the structure and divisions of the organization by our mentor.

The first day of my internship was spent in understanding the culture, the vision and the structure of the organization because, I believe, it is imperative for an individual to align his values with that of his company’s to make the best out of their summer internship. Especially, for those students who do not have prior industry experience, a summer internship is a stepping stone into the corporate world. It is not merely about the Internship report you have to submit in your B-school, it is much more than that. So here I am, one month down the line, trying to make the best out of this opportunity.
Within the first week, we were assigned the project which required us to travel across authorized dealerships of Hero MotoCorp across West Bengal. The project involved performing mystery shopping and audits to measure the customer experience and overall service provided, interpersonal interactions with the DSEs (Dealer Sales Executives) and the dealer owners to gain a holistic view. All in all, all these field visits have been quite a learning experience. As they say, ‘to be a better manager, get your hands dirty’.

About the Author
Currently pursuing her 1st year of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) at IIM Shillong, Bhavya holds Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics (Honors) from University of Delhi (2015). Having won the 2016 Young Leader Award, she has also been awarded the first prize at the Annual International Conference on Sustainability for a paper presentation at IIM Shillong in 2017. Her areas of interest include swimming, writing and gardening.

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