The Tale of F-Day : Deepak Singh

Internship Diary – Day 1  

“It was my first step to the practical world of management and indeed my first day at internship proved to be a worthwhile experience”

It was Monday 3rd April 2017, the validity for the two months internship period has just been activated. The clocked beeped once at 08:00 hrs IST when I was reading the guidelines for the internship offer for the fifth time. Strange enough I was checking for the final list of checklist documents repeatedly. I had work experience before joining MBA in a reputed multinational company and had a fair idea of the work culture. But the feeling that morning was different, a lot of questions crossed my mind at that time. Dressed in the best formal attire, I reached my workplace, my next two-month destination as an intern in consulting role at the planning department, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

The office was spacious one at the top floor of a premier building. I waited for the officer-in-charge at the waiting area adjacent to the reception desk. Soon my colleagues from my college joined me for the formal process of induction. I was called in after a wait for ten minutes for document verification and onboarding formalities. The process was indeed smooth and the person greeted me with a nice smile each time I enquired anything. After all of us were done with the formal proceedings, the officer-in-charge introduced us to another personnel who gave access to the office area.

The same staff guided us to our respective allotted. I was lucky enough to get allocated a nice cubicle where the place was well-lit and spacious. I settled down taking out my laptop and as I made an attempt to go for a 360-degree view around me the blurred images of my previous workplace rolled back in my mind. It was the same taste of that great feeling I used to get during the days when I was an employee. I felt I was enjoying the transition from an employee to a student and then from a student to an intern.

The next big thing happened that day was the ice-breaking session with the team members. We approached each of them and had an informal introduction. The team was a young fleet of 15 members each handling different projects in various sectors. We were next introduced to a POC(Point-of-contact) who would handle all internship related queries and communication. She as the POC briefed us about the work culture prevalent in the office. She forwarded us a zip file containing guidelines, project files, etc. and asked us to go through them before getting started. That event officially marked the beginning of the two-month internship duty. Even as there were nervousness and confusion about the new role I was going to perform, I felt I was slowly getting adapted to the new settings.

One great mantra I learnt in my management school in the last academic year is to stay determined and confident whatever be the challenges. I thought that philosophy power worked for me that day, I was feeling energetic and started reading the documents so that I can be on the same page with the team. The first half innings of the Day 1 went well, but after having lunch I found it hard to focus back in my work during the early phase of the second half of the day.

As I looked out to kill my dizzy feeling, I discovered the medicine for it -the coffee vending machine at the pantry area. The caffeine intake helped me to regain my energy levels, but it worked only after intake of two cups of coffee. As I was busy browsing through the documents, there was an e-mail notification popping up. The mail was regarding the sessions scheduled for the day for giving us an insight into the various projects handled by the team. That meant the office hours for me was packed till the standard official closure timing which was 18:00 hrs.

We gathered together in a huge conference room as per the schedule prescribed, and with a formal introduction part the information sessions kicked off. The sessions were interesting keeping in view that they were informative and the basis on which related queries were entertained. I got to know about the project team I would be working with. I too got an idea about my project which I would be handling during my internship period. I got a clear picture of my expected outputs, could map the execution plan in a somewhat acceptable format. With the last closing session that got over, I felt more confident and happy to be a part of the internship program offered by the organization. Before leaving for the day, I had a meeting with my lead to discuss the next course of action and some clarifications regarding the project. As I lifted my bag from my desk to return home, I greeted some of my teammates ‘Bye’ and that marked the end to the beautiful Day 1 of my internship period, signing off at 18:30 hrs IST from office. The best part of the office which I liked was the open-minded people on the floor who were ready to help anytime. Added to it, the lead’s words of assurance about the project support from her side and her confidence in me greatly helped me to get motivated for a new start. I aspired to be in a consulting role in future after completion of MBA and I realised that I was at the right place to get started with it from the first day. A simple yet one memorable experience to be cherished for a lifetime.