The Tale of F-Day : Kasti Joshi

The Tale of F Day Digital Strategist intern

I would like to start with the most important thing which helped me a lot on my first day was: “whatever the experienced person says to you, at least you should follow 50% of it, and see the magic”.

So, I got placed in one of the best Media and advertisement agency of Tamilnadu, Digitally inspired media and I got selected as Digital strategist intern. The name of my position itself fascinated me. And as a marketing lover, Digital marketing is one the thing I love the most.

With so many mixed emotion in my mind, I packed my bag and reached to Chennai on 1st April. My first day was on 3rd April and I had to get myself settled to this completely new space, I came early. I was completely new to Chennai and all alone. No one from my batch is placed in this city and there is no one to whom I know in Chennai and I guess somehow this is what made my first day at internship most memorable and absolute delightful day.

On 2nd April 16, 2017 I was not able to find a place to stay for 2 months and I felt like “Ohh my God, where I am stucked”. The food can’t satisfy to my palate, I sat down to the corner  of road, holding myself, thinking about where I am, with those tears in my eyes, which were about to roll from my eyes to my cheeks. And finally after looking at 25 places, I finally found one PG to stay, though its 5 sharing with bunker bed but its better than what all other I saw.

And here the most awaited day is, 3rd April, Monday, and first day of internship. Like all other people I also wanted to make my first impression the best one, But the most important thing for first day is to reach on time. J So, I booked UBER and reached 10 minutes early. There was another girl too interning with me from another institute, and so she was the first person with whom I interacted, and we were waiting for our HR to come, because she was the only person we were in contact with before coming to this place.

By 10:00 am, most of the member of my company reached to the office, and it is must to interact with everyone, luckily I got the best workplace and friendly people at work. All of them greeted us and I introduced myself and interacted. (Rule 1: Make sure that interaction involves about learning more about the place you are going to work, and that is what I did).

By the time HR came, and she gave us our seat and made both of us Intern comfortable. After sometime she called us to the conference room and explained about the company, employees and workplace. She told us that how many teams and employees do we have, What some policies at work place and who will be our mentor, she also told us about our other agencies and partner and this all things made us know more about the company.

I already had done research about my Company and has analyzed all there work, so that has helped me to better understand few things. (Rule 2: Make sure you have done thorough research about your company, there competitors, clients and how the industry scenario is).

We were given a task to go and ask the name of each and every employee, interact with them, ask about their likes and dislikes, and tell them one informative news. I guess this was the coolest task and I made the best of my skills, and gave them informative news. (Rule 3: Be up to date about what’s going around you, You never know when You will need to share few things which others don’t know).

As soon as the task was done, by 1:00 pm we had lunch break for 1 hour, and soon we got back to our desk, I was assigned to do the research on our clients and how my company is making content, strategy, client interaction and what kind of designs are made for them. So I started with all those enthusiasm and energy, interacted with every team and tried to analyze about every client and how we are working for them. (Rule 4: Always try to interact with every team working in your company, because it is not just one department which does all the work and to better understand things you need to know the complete over view).

At 4:00 pm, we had meeting with my mentor, now this is the time where you need to let them know that they have selected the right candidate at right timeJ. Our mentor let us know what as a digital strategist we are supposed to do, what all things we are doing for our clients.

Once my mentor was done explaining the things, he asked us about what does we want to learn being there? And what all things we have done since morning. So I told him about all those analysis I have done and gave my own ideas which can be implemented well for the betterment of the company. And the good thing was that, my mentor really liked my Ideas and my analysis and knowledge worked J well. (Rule 5: Avoid irrelevant conversation and make the best of even 5 minutes of conversation and must read and gather knowledge about your work).

Once our meeting was over, we went back to our desk and immediately started working on the work which was assigned to us. If you want to learn more and make best use of two months, first day is most crucial because that is what will make your mentor feel capable enough to give project and assign work and hence I also got the work from day 1 itself.

And My first day was about to finish by 7:00 pm, with highly motivating mentor,very friendly and helpful HR and the best team.


In a way my first day was far better than I expected, and as I said, I followedthe things which my senior told me and that worked J