The Tale of F-Day : Mayank Jain

Intern Name: Mayank Jain

College: IIM Shillong

Department: Operations

“Sir, please make an entry in the guest register. Kindly mention your name, concerned person whom you’ve come to meet and the purpose of your visit.” The Security guard at the main entrance asked me to furnish my basic details. While I was very energetic and zealous to start with my Summer Internship, hundreds of people with dreary faces were simultaneously punching their cards on the entrance machine. The ‘Monday Blues’ was evident on their faces.

As soon as I entered the office, a flashback occurred and that bam…. I AM BACK IN THE CORPORATE WORLD… This time, however, it was different. Very different from what I had done in the two years as a software engineer. Supply Chain Management, Porter’s five forces and PESTEL analysis have replaced the concepts of Database Management, Python and Inheritance. From senior software engineer, the designation has now changed to an intern. From a hardcore B2B software development MNC having a very diverse culture and clients comprising of the leading and prominent airlines of the world, it’s a B2C Indian mobile giant now having a semi-startup culture and a client base ranging from a blue collar worker to the CEO. From an engineer from a very decent engineering college to a participant from an IIM, this time everything was very different.

All the interns from different B-Schools were sitting in a meeting room, and there were small clusters of students belonging to the same college. Not much interaction was happening with other people. We broke the ice by talking about the placement process of the respective B-Schools. People started counting the companies, which did not visit their campus as well as how much a particular company is offering for the specific role. On the discussion table was also chances of PPO and why or why shouldn’t somebody take a PPO from this particular organisation. However, no one was talking about what all they learnt, skills acquired, their experience within the B-School in one year and expectations from the roles and the company.

The HRs soon joined us and started briefing about the company. The introduction looked a lot like the behavioural science class. The Organization Culture, Mission, Vision, Goal, Organization development were some of the most common words. This soon was replaced by a holistic explanation of the different verticals of the organization. The orientation session was a perception changer and an eye opener. While the working of most of the B2C organisations looks very simple to the outside world, a prudent understanding of the inside operations helps us to know the associated complexities within the industry. The HRs had planned some fun games and Ice breaking activities. All of us were very enthusiastic about the same and performed all the tasks with zeal and valor. Some Joining formalities and a special lunch followed the orientation session.

The HRs then aligned us with our respective managers to have an in-depth understanding about the roadmap for the next two months. I was selected in the operations domain. As soon as I got to know about the same, the funda of JIT, Lean and Inventory Management, Six Sigma started popping up. There was a wave of confidence inside me. I was very happy with domain and was hoping for an insightful project in the same.

The manager introduced me to the rest of the team and elaborated the project in detail. The project was related to a major revamp of the Indian taxation system, and the deliverable was to understand its impact on the entire supply chain. The project required working in close coordination with external consultants and POCs of various verticals. The rest of the day was spent interacting with the different employees and understanding their respective work. I visited all the warehouses and understood the flow of the inventory within the system and the current gaps that exist. I tried to understand the working of the system from the point of view of a labor as well as a divisional head. I also interacted with some of the alumni and discussed more about the company. The discussions were very insightful and helpful. We were handed over some reading materials and were asked to read them. That was how our first day ended at the company.

Summer Internship is of vital importance. It helps us in applying the skills that we acquire in our first year of the management program in solving the real world problems. It also helps us in determining our future domain of work. Belonging to one of the prestigious IIMs of the country, the company has great expectations from me. I am geared up for the challenge and want to contribute as much as possible thus enhancing my overall knowledge; I look forward to immense learning and grooming my overall personality.


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