The Tale of F-Day : Paras Sood



It did started well, I was super excited to start my corporate life and was totally in a mood to put up an impression from the very first day. But everything was different from what I had expected, I waited for like 1hour 30 mins on the reception for my reporting manager but she didn’t turned up (she was travelling), the first person I met in act was member of MPE batch of NMIMS he recognized me and asked if I am from NMIMS and I was so happy that there is someone who I know here (I am the only intern in the company). Then I was again surprised by the another person who took my interview for ACT he recognized me from my face and asked if I  recognized him at first this rattled my mind and then I took my chances and guessed he must be my interviewing manager and Yes! Bang on, he told me that I would be working for him as well and he went to his office. I was super excited and super nervous at the same time as I was working on a project for which I have to directly report to the leadership team of the company. I waited for 15-20 mins more .Then one of the member of HR name Ankit came and took me to L&D building of ACT. Their I spent whole day with voice support staff team, even though my function area was strategy building still I find this situation as an opportunity as this was the team who directly face customers, so I took my first lesion about the ACT business from them. I made some friends, their names were quite difficult but yes they were good people, they were as ambitious as I was the only difference was their dreams where more realistic then my mine and I spend nice time talking to them about cultures, food, dowry and division of AP and Telangana. I got some useful insights and then I was being introduced to the onboarding process which took test of my patience and I succeeded! I think I succeeded hahaha.

The day was same as any other day, when we started school, college or PGDM but the vision of the day was different that different made this day special and unforgettable.