The Tale of F-Day : Pulakit Gupta

Tale of the F-Day with “Resonance Eduventures Pvt. Ltd.”

One year of jovial life at IIM Udaipur which was a well mix of professionalism, excruciating workload and fun as well. Now, to apply my learnings in the corporate world as a part of internship, I have landed to an industry which is hardly discussed in any B-school of the country. The education sector that will ever grow and flourish. I was hired by “Resonance Eduventures Pvt. Ltd.” along with my three other friends. Yes! You got it right, this is an IIT-JEE coaching institute. Believe me, a lot has changed in education field, it has turned to a complete business model like a corporate world with a market size of 100 billion dollar in India itself.

It was 1st of May, my joining date, I was a little pissed off because it was Saturday while all of my friends got joining on Monday. Due to this I couldn’t spend time with my family even for the two days after the end term examinations of term-III. As we know life is unfair, so I have to report at the corporate office of Resonance on 1st May by 09:30 am. Like every other company, I along with my friends, started our journey from the HR department. It took around one and half hour which includes registration formalities, and here we met the HR head of Resonance. He seemed to be in his early forties, and he was eloquent and generous. He gave us a brief introduction of Resonance, and told us about work culture, rules-regulation, etc. In my mind, I had started recalling all those learning of HR subjects of the PGP-1. Their seating arrangement reminded me of ‘open door policy’ theory of organization, the hierarchy of the employees reminded me of case studies about the organization structure. The HR Head had planned a tour of the departments for our first day followed by reporting to our respective mentors at the end of the day.

The second department we had visited was administrative department. We straightly encountered with the Vice President of the company, Mr. Kirti Singh. Let me tell you, he was the head of my interview panel during internship recruitment. It was a pin-drop silence of about twenty seconds. I was recalling all the hyperbole I had used during my interview. As I could sense, other three had the same feeling. He was a nice, humble man with a quick witted personality. Our discussion ended with sentence said by VP sir, “Don’t worry, we keep our interns with a lot of love and care. We have cabin for you people to work. After all a goat should be well fed before getting Halal.” This was to inform us the rigor of work and their expectations.

After administration, we headed to Talent Nurture department. This department aimed to hunt down the talents from over all the nation to produce the best ranks in the competitive exams. Here we met the two talented ladies. One is the manager probably in her mid-thirties and other is assistant in-charge in her late twenties. They were quite interactive, told us about the functioning of the department, some know-hows followed by lunch break. We got half an hour break for lunch. Resonance has a dedicated space for employees to have their lunch. We had our lunch over that dinning place where we also got to know about inside-out stories from the other staff members. Which later on become a usual process of the day.

Subsequently we visited IT-department, which was headed by an ex senior employee of TCS. He debriefed about the role of IT section, from taking care of online exam portal to the basic technical support of the company. After this we had met a guy who led the junior section of Resonance whose office was in another giant building, near to this seven-storey mega structure of the Resonance. He was himself a single digit rank holder of IIT-JEE of his time, a CSE graduate from IIT Bombay followed by few years of work experience as analyst in a US firm.

Now it was the evening and the last destination of the day to our respective mentors. I was assigned to work under the head of business development department. I reached to his cabin, and I was informed to wait for him in his cabin. After a while a very skinny guy in his forties, entered into the cabin with a casual dress up. Half of the portion of shirt was tucked in and rest was out. He was none other than my boss for the next two months of my internship. He was already tired enough from the today’s heavy work-load and so was I. Yeah, I didn’t do any excruciating task by now but it was the combined effect of new place, climate, travel and all. So we decided to postpone the formal talk for tomorrow. That’s how I with my mentor ended the day with a casual 10-15 minutes of chit-chat over a hot cup of coffee.



Thank you for the reading my article, I hope it was a good read. My internship company comes under the 6th category i.e. “HR & others”.


Pulakit Gupta
IIM Udaipur 2016-18

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