The Tale of F-Day : Rahul Thukral

The Tale of F-Day

It all started during my graduation when I was selected for the interview in Maruti Suzuki at Gurgaon plant on 8th Oct,2014. I was rejected in interview and now after 2.5 years I came back to the place where I belonged. Yes, I was selected as an intern for 2 months at Maruti Suzuki India Limited in sales and Marketing profile.

It was 4th April, I was super excited and as I reached Maruti Suzuki India ltd. sector 18, old palam Gurgaon road there was a flashback of memories. As I was standing outside the Maruti Gate No. 2, I saw another intern having an argument with an auto guy as auto guy was charging almost double the amount for the travel. I helped him out and settled the matter. I carried the call letter and went through the security check at the main gate and mobile cameras of every intern were taped so that we do not click photos. We had an induction program in Mezannine building and as I was walking on my way to the destination I could recall everything; the Mess, Assembly plant, Stacks of cars and many other things. I reached the destination and I saw some excited faces from different colleges. HR was already there and was having some informal interaction with interns.

At 9:00 HR began by taking the attendance and started to give some basic instructions and asked everyone for the breakfast. While in WhatsApp group of my college everyone was posting photos of all the gifts, breakfast they were given on the first day of Intern, I also shared photo of samosa and tea we had for breakfast in the group. All the interns interacted with each other during the same and I could see that everyone here was here for one thing and that was learning especially freshers but some of the guys started talking about PPO. HR made groups of 3 and asked each group to come front and introduce each other within the group. My group number was 7 and my team members were Juie and Vismit. It’s always pleasing to interact with new faces and getting to know more about the place where they belong is cherry on the cake. This activity was followed by Company info & sales and marketing session and we went for lunch after the insightful session. I could recall the interior of the mess & food was delicious. After the lunch we had to take Maruti uniform from the store which we had to wear from next day. After the lunch we had small sessions on safety, security & HR policies. One of the intern was caught sleeping in between the session and no one could stop laughing. Only issue in the induction room was that neither AC nor Ducts were working so it was difficult to sit there. After that we were taken on a plant visit to assembly shop and fabrication shop. It was just awesome because we could see 5S being applied at each and every station in the plant. We came back to the induction room had some tea and we were asked to come back here the next day for project details and 1 more session. I went back to my college friend room who was working in Maruti Suzuki and had a long chat with him and shared how my whole day went. Only thing running in my mind was about what I will get to do the next day as I am a fresher and I was excited to start my work.

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