The Tale of F-Day : Sahil Sharma



“The hardest part is starting. Once you get that out of the way, you’ll find the rest of the journey much easier.” —Simon Sinek

Yes this quote perfectly explains what I was feeling while commuting to Indostar office on the very first day of my internship. There were a lot of questions running through my mind. How will my first day be? Whether people there will even care to find some time out of their busy schedule and involve me into the company’s culture? How quickly I will be able to understand their working dynamics and get on boarded? Whether they would have thought of any project for me to work on? Well, at the end of the day 1, all these questions were answered and the best part was that the answers were in the way I wanted them to be. So let me take you through my first day of this journey called ‘Internship’.


Indostar is an NBFC which was established in 2011 with the backing of big promoters like Goldman Sachs, Everstone Capital and others. With its head office located in Mumbai, it operates in various parts of the country. It is still relatively a smaller company in the industry but is growing at a steady pace. So I was not expecting a big induction program planned for the incoming interns like other gigantic companies generally have. But then the question was how it will be?

The Start

So the first person I encountered in the company was the ‘Receptionist’ (I know that’s obvious but still let’s start from the start!). Of course she was not aware of an intern joining the company, so she called the HR and got it confirmed. I was then told to sit in a conference room. After around 10 minutes, a lady from the HR department entered the room and greeted me. We then had an informal conversation for around 15 minutes regarding the company’s culture and working style. Out of this conversation, there were two critical facts that I got to know. Firstly, I was the only intern who will be working with them in that office for the next two months (there were two other interns recruited but they were posted at a different office). Secondly, I will be working directly under ‘National Head, Credit & Risk’ and ‘Head- Product & Portfolio’. The conversation ended with me thinking about different possibilities (both favorable and unfavorable) about my next two months based on the above two facts. The HR also gave me the company’s annual report to study and was told that both ‘National Head, Credit & Risk’ and ‘Head- Product & Portfolio’ will meet me shortly.


The Interaction

So now though my eyes were looking at the annual report of the company, my mind was busy in making different scenarios about soon to take place conversation with my mentors. To make myself as much aware about the company as possible (which I thought my mentors would definitely be expecting), I decided to read the annual report carefully. After around 30 minutes, the door opened and both mentors entered. The interaction that followed was quite opposite to what I had anticipated. Both of them started the conversation with their introduction and we discussed about my college (co incidentally one of them was also from NM). We gradually moved towards the ‘Small-Medium Enterprises (SME)’ industry into which the company had recently entered. In a span of around 5 minutes I was quite comfortable with both of them. They also told me about the live Project that I will be working on during next two months directly under them. The interaction ended and within next half an hour, I was allotted a desk along with a laptop.

Office Tour & The Lunch

As soon as I opened my company mail account, the first mail that I received was from the company’s HR head (and this mail was sent to the whole office) welcoming me into the team and soon one of my mentors introduced me to all the different teams that were there in the office. At around 1 PM, we went to canteen for the lunch and this ‘We’ that I just mentioned included all the top management persons including my mentors. This lunch was special in a way that it introduced me to all the senior management in one go. They asked me questions regarding my college, my native place and of course the most important one: ‘Why Finance?’

Completing the On boarding

So till now I was quite comfortable with almost all the people in the office. There was not any sort of communication barrier present. But before I could start understanding the live project which I was supposed to work on, it was necessary for me to first understand the basic operations of the company, different verticals in the company and how each one of them was functioning. So one of the managers of the company sat with me for around 3 hours and explained me all of the above. This can be denoted as the completion of my induction and on boarding process.

This marked the end of my day 1 also at Indostar Capital Finance. I feel that this could have been the best way to begin this new journey called ‘Internship’. Due to the efforts that the company put on day 1, I was ready to take up the responsibilities from the next day itself and I must say that things are going on pretty well since then.


(Written by Sahil Sharma, NMIMS, Mumbai (2016-18) doing internship at Indostar Capital Finance Ltd.)