The Tale of F-Day : Saikrupa Vishwnathan

3rd April 2017 finally arrived after a long anxious wait. That mixed feeling dawned on me as I was ready to take up a core HR project in one of the most coveted companies in the field of technology- Honeywell technology solutions, Bengaluru. I arrived sharp at 10 a.m. at the gates of the company. After some formalities I continued to gaze around and could not stop admiring the architecture and just about how facilities were so appropriately situated in and around the campus. To be honest the first day was, intimidating- looking at people, who all, for some reason looked very intellectual in their crisp formals and bright red tags but the feeling died down once I met everyone at work and got settled in.

I entered the conference room where we interns were supposed to assemble. We were asked to pick up a bag with company goodies that brought an instant and obvious smile on the face. As a HR management student the first thought that entered my mind- “Ah if the company takes good care of its interns it shows its valuation of human capital”. Soon, a barrage of thoughts followed insinuated by surroundings people and of course judgments.  In my case, I met lovely, motivated people both from the technical and managerial domain. We had plenty of time to get acquainted with each other in the form of ice-breaker sessions which was an instant hit. People forgot themselves and turned on their crazy and fun mode regardless of age, gender and other such barriers. After all the fun had died down we realized it was time for some serious talk. We had speakers from every department i.e. HR operations, segregated into sessions to give us an overview of how exactly things work at Honeywell.

Finally the most awaited part of the orientation was the speech delivered by the Head HR. I practically loved his crisp and yet thought-provoking speech where he discussed the expectations of the employer. He spoke about how safety is a much valued concept. This drove an instant inner connection with the company that values its employee to a great deal. The thought of having a part to play in this major company was quite a privilege. From his speech, overall I could gather that my work schedule would be busy as it is a pay for performance driven culture that removes any biases present and motivates people here. I was allotted my very own cubicle right under the vent which is always a welcome distraction from the heat in Bengaluru. So I was honestly happy at the thought of having to sit in my cubicle for long if work required me to. I would like to think that my hectic schedule is more or less an accurate representation of what my real-world work life would be like. The most important bonanza is the amazing spread of food offered to employees and interns. Whist the food you find in restaurants is often fancy and very flavorsome, I really enjoyed the food presented to us as it had a homemade feel to it, which was a perfect remedy to feel better even when away from home.