The Tale of F-Day : Sharath



“Internship gives you an opportunity to experience the outside business world”. It made very much sense on the first day of the internship at Ernst & Young LLP.

It was a Monday, and all the interns were requested to report at 9:30 AM at the EY, Hyderabad office. As curious as I was, reached the office before time. It’s an oval shaped building made of glass and resided by a small lake which bestows a beautiful view. I was waiting near the reception, trying to start a conversation with the fellow interns. A sharp dressed man, an HR came to us and said with a bold voice, “Please follow me. You all need to fill out some forms”. We were followed into a small conference room named “Mercury” where they have all the stationery. It’s amusing to see all their conference rooms named after planets of our solar system. Everything in the office was themed with their logo and their message “Building a better working world” could be heard all over the place. We were handed some forms to fill for issuing ID cards as well as access cards. As we were filling out the forms, the HR person gave a brief introduction about what’s it going to be like, for the next 10 weeks of our internship. Everybody in the conference room was looking at each other smiling, as excitement filled their faces.

After finishing the formalities, I called my assigned mentor to tell that, I have reported at the office. My mentor lifted the call and said “I’ll meet you in 15minutes. I, along with my friend shifted to some other conference room as we were only two people interning under her. Before even joining the internship, I checked the LinkedIn profile of my mentor to know about her beforehand. Because mentoring is the most important part of Internship. A good mentoring can be a great stepping stone for career. As we had 15minutes, I and my friend were discussing random things like the city, weather, food, and about the friends who are interning in the same company at different locations. We made a WhatsApp group for EY interns from our college where we were sharing everything about our experiences every hour that day. Everybody had same questions on their minds. “How is the mentor going to be?”  , “what kind of work are we going to do for in the next few weeks?”  ,   “Will the working hours be flexible?”  ,   “Will we get enough time to plan weekend getaways?”  ,   “Do they offer PPOs?”-  Typical MBA intern dilemmas.

Our mentor arrived after a good 15 minutes of waiting in the conference room. She greeted us with a firm handshake and we felt welcomed. She started out by introducing herself and her work at the firm. Being in BAS (Business Advisory Services) line she is doing Government Consulting. Under Government Consulting she has two major areas of responsibility: 1. Investment Promotions 2. Ease of doing business. To sum up her job, she’s dealing with all the aspects which can help the state in getting new investments and forming new policies for companies especially start-ups under programs, Invest India and Start-up India. The whole idea of creating these programs is to create a healthy competition among the states. After hearing about the projects, I felt privileged to work for an organization which is doing its part for the welfare of the people.

As our mentor said, she is loaded with a lot of work for the entire week, our job for the internship period is to help her in all manners. She also mentioned “You’re not going to get much free time for this entire week. So set your mind accordingly” as a heads-up.

Our first assignment on the first day was to analyze Paper & Packaging Industry and make a detailed presentation for a client based in Delhi. She provided us with all the inputs that we required to complete the task. She explained thoroughly about what the client wants and what she is expecting from our work. And then, she asked us to come up with the first draft by the end of the day.

As 1st Year MBA students, we thought, the task is pretty much do-able as it involved things which we have been doing since past 8 months. I am talking about PowerPoint presentation here. All the MBAs will learn at least this one thing during their first year. So, without much thought, I with my fellow mate, started discussing on how to head forward. Next 4hours, we sat on our laptops gathering all the information about the industry from the internet. Once we gathered the information, we started making a presentation for the client. While doing that, we realized that b-school presentations and corporate presentations are different in their own way. Because you need to be very careful about the secondary research data which you’re going to present to a client especially when you are representing a consulting firm. We worked on the presentation for the next 3hours and got nowhere. As our mentor left from office a bit earlier than us, we had no choice but to wait for her review the next day.

So, we packed our bags and left the office. I reached the place where I live, took a shower, had dinner and went to bed. With the thoughts of things on which I worked, the entire day and the wait for fresh tomorrow, I went into a deep sleep within seconds.

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