The Tale of F-Day : Shashank Dutt

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”

~Abraham Lincoln

Company: Edutel Technologies Pvt Limited

Role: Marketing and Strategy

The excitement of being placed soon after joining the PGP course exists throughout the year. So, when that most awaited day came, the happiness levels and the will to do something reached a crescendo. Though I was supposed to report at 10 am still I got up early in the morning and reached office early. To avoid searching the office at last minute, I had already visited the premises the previous day.

To avoid Bengaluru’s traffic, I had looked for accommodation in the same area and the office was at a walking distance.

Upon reaching there, I met the interns from other colleges, supposed colleagues for next two months along with HR. By the time the formal verification was going on, the ice among us was broken. When you have a group of motivated individuals with similar goals it (the ice) doesn’t last longer. We shared many common friends among us which we got to know after interaction.

Soon, I was called for a meeting with my reporting officer. We discussed a little about myself and the project that will be assigned to me. I was interested in the work of the company after interviews. Edutel was providing quality education to government schools through their unique live satellite classes. They were able to do it at affordable prices. I was briefed about the operational challenges and the marketing campaign that was going to be planned later. Also, the next product in the pipe line was discussed further.

I was really happy to see that I was being involved in the company issues from the day one. Later, we visited the other office which housed eminent faculty, studios, subject matter experts and moderators along with marketing and operations heads. Through the use of satellite technology and receptors at various centres, Edutel has been providing quality education with rich multimedia content to far flung areas. I really loved the social impact created by the program. Being an engineer, I knew how much of a pain one takes to get into reputed colleges(PU) and start the engineering preparations right after the board exams. It made me immensely happy that I will be somehow responsible in delivering the quality education to the neediest and bring them closer to their peers in other, costlier competing organisations.

We kept on discussing among ourselves on all the topics that were told to us. After finishing the coffee one hour earlier, I left for the lunch. It was regular South Indian meal. I was okay with it since I was eating something similar when I used to work for my previous company in Bengaluru.

After lunch, at around 3pm I met the marketing head who was also a board member. He was very enthusiastic about our future involvement. We discussed the basic framework and the boundaries and challenges that are being faced in implementing the existing projects. I had started taking notes of all the points mentioned in such meetings.

That one day which was dreamed for so many months, was near its end. Did this change my life or brought a new dimension to it? I would say it really did, indeed. The prospects of learning that it brought were a lot. My thinking towards education sector start-ups was changed. With determination and will to give the company my best, I left for my PG thinking about the future which was one day ahead. That one another day and subsequent days which are not much glorified but equally important for both the parties.


Shashank Dutt Tripathi

PGP-IIM Visakhapatnam