The Tale of F-Day : Shivani Bansal



This is the story of a girl who is a fresher and had never faced the tactics of corporate world and now she had to go on the field to fulfill her obligations. She got her internship in her hometown itself. Her mother was ready with a pooja thal to give blessings to her daughter for the new beginning. This lucky girl was I. My day begun with an enthusiastic smile on the face, suited up to work on the field and ready to learn new things.

A day before I had a talk with my mentor and she was quite strict about the timings, so on the d-day I reached the desired location 15 minutes early and waiting for the mentor to come and guide me further. She came in her car and I followed her and we reached on the field. The time when I was following her there were several questions coming in my mind back to back, what is going to be my work, what am I expected to do, is this job suitable for me or not, will it add any value to my carrier etc. These questions were sorted when we reached the destination and I was told that:

  • The company wants to make awareness of its product so your focus should be on building awareness of this among customers.
  • I was instructed to show demo either when there are 4-5 people is gathered or the customer is showing keen interest in the product.
  • To create a desire in the customer’s mind to buy the product.
  • Our main focus is on the farmers and dealers nearby as they play a major role in the promotion of a product.
  • Target per day was to cover at least 50 farmers and 5 dealers nearby.

Then I was given a product which I had to promote, some booklets which were to be filled while doing survey and some other things like tester and glasses to show demo of the product. And I was supposed to observe my mentor for the few talks and then repeat the same. We started approaching prospects and found that some of them are already using other products of the company so it was easy to target them and motivate them to try other products of the company. The trust factor and loyalty to the brand was already present there. We found a farmer who was already a customer of the company and was very eager to know about the new product and its uses, we had to show demo of the product to him and make him understand the significance of this product over other products, how this product is better than other products in the market of the same type.  I entered his details in the book given to me and also took a promise from him to buy this product. We moved farther we knocked a door and it was the opposite and embarrassing situation this time. The person was not at all interested in listening to us and he shut the door on our face. Next was a group of people standing together, we call it farmer meeting in company’s terms, we approached them and my mentor started speaking and demonstrating the product, some more farmers also gathered there and this farmer meeting was a huge success to us because we covered 7-8 farmers in a row and all were happy and excited to purchase the product. Till now I was observing and writing down all the entries and was assisting my mentor in showing demo. Next was my turn to showcase the talent. My mentor went to the next door and I went to knock some other door.

I knocked the door and a lady came out to see me, I asked is Paaji there at home or he is there in field. Because men farmers have good knowledge about the product they are using in the field compared to women. He was not there at home so I took the details of that farmer and gave a slip to the lady and asked her to give it to paaji and let him know about this. I went to next door, farmer was there I introduced myself that I have come from this company and want to show this product to you. He let me in and the discussion went and he was convinced to purchase the product.  And the whole process went same throughout the day.

At the end of the day after I came home and was thinking about the day those rejections and acceptances were coming in my mind and I was happy that I could come across such a situation in my life and I learnt that this is life which will go on. We have come here to perform our duties so we should do that and give 100% of our efforts in that and the results should be left to be decided by god.

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