The Tale of F-Day : Siddhi Saraf

First Day @ Cummins India


First day!

Thinking of it I remember how much nervous I was!! A typical manufacturing firm I expected it to be!! Male dominated that is what I thought in my mind!! Though I read somewhere that they do consider a 30% reservation for all the female employees but I considered it to be more of a paper–‐pen thing rather seeing an actual implementation of it. This is how the day started @ Cummins:


According to the mail we could dress up according to our whims and wishes but still I preferred a proper formal suit and then left for Cummins India Office Campus, Balewadi Area with the other college students as we were residing at the same place. I along with others reached the place 15 minutes early. To my surprise the building looked exactly like a typical IT firm and in fact much better unlike my expectations of a greasy oily firm. I entered inside Cummins Tower A and there the HR from the Talent Acquisition Team met us and directed us towards a large auditorium which resembled more of like a theatre with a front screen so

large and wide. I was elated after seeing such an aesthetic place. All my fears were gradually subsiding. Then we were taken to the Cafeteria where we had a normal Indian breakfast consisting of a variety of dishes which made me love the place because food is something which makes us all happy, isn’t it? That too free food!


Finally we all gathered back in the same auditorium. I thought thus began the boring lectures regarding how the company works, description of all the engines and blah blah but contrary to my expectations everyone ranging from the HR, CSO, CMO etc. who came to address talked about seven strong values Cummins believed in and the passion with which they talked about it exhibited the same. Nobody talked about profits and the way they spoke to each other reflected the respect they have for each other. Leaders didn’t talk about increasing the

Bottom line rather about increasing the diversity in terms of geography, gender and religion. Post all the speeches we proceeded towards lunch where I interacted with people from many different colleges like NMIMS, IIMU, FMS, NITIE, IIMI etc. It was fun to befriend so many people that too all from different regions. Post lunch we were introduced to our respective units where we got to know what project and functions we would be performing for the next 2 months. It is something out of the box that Cummins did which made me like it really more. It sent a team of fresh graduates from all the B schools so that all our apprehensions regarding internship could be done away with. We had a tea break that was concluded further by a group snap of the intern batch and a T shirt with a Cummins badge Wwas provided To each intern. The first day was tiring but hopeful; hopeful for a good pavement for the next 2 months of internship.

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