The Tale of F-Day : Suyash Verma

It was not the first time I was entering an unknown territory, my blue formal shirt was already stained with the sweat of nervousness. With huge expectations and the burden of working hard to get a PPO, I entered the HR office. My HR head had a wry smile on his face, as do all HR people have, and he welcomed me warmly. There was a brief chat between us after which he introduced me to all his subordinates. My functional mentor was busy. In the mean time I had two options, library or play room. The choice was obvious. I entered the play room and it was amazing. There was a TT table, a guitar, bean bags lying here and there, everything to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. It was the best place to ease your nervousness and that is what I did. I played a few game of Table Tennis with the employees present there which made me very comfortable and informal. After that I even tried my hand on the guitar, it sounded so badly but the experience was so good, I just loved it. Till now I had already gained enough confidence to make me feel that I have been a part of the organisation for many years. Then came the time to meet my functional mentor. He was a very calm and composed guy. He gave me a brief introduction about the organisation and the work which I had to do. After that he gave me lots and lots of reading material which consumed my entire day.

After that tiring reading session, my mentor took me out for dinner in one of the most famous restaurants which was really unexpected. I had a great time and thus my first day came to an end.