The Tale of F-Day : Vaibhav Bahl

Tale of the First Day

With the aspiration of learning about the business and gaining some exposure, I had been looking forward to my internship with the bank in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. Being new to the city, I arrived a day before and settled peacefully at a friend’s place. The schedule was entirely filled with exciting and engaging activities. But, it also brought the first day jitters and anxiety. The morning welcomed me with warm sunshine and a ride through the city to Colaba. Our induction was planned at a prominent hotel near the picturesque Gateway of India. The two-day induction in Mumbai was meant for all students interning with the bank this summer. Post the induction; the interns were to report to their specific office locations.

The day began with a lively exchange of greetings, some registration formalities, and a breakfast buffet. While it was incredible to see some fellow Jokars (how IIM C students are fondly addressed) again, the induction was an excellent opportunity to interact with students from other prominent campuses. Post all the chatter and admiring the scenic rooftop view, we settled and started for our journey to discover the organization. Every intern was seated along students from different campuses so as to initiate better interactions and not subgroups of each business school. The presenters for the day were two fantastic, energetic and inspiring ladies who effortless cracked jokes and made everybody comfortable.

The first ritual we learned being there was termed “checking-in”. It involves asking our peers in the morning about how they are feeling today. Though a very basic concept, it helps lighten the environment and know if somebody is having any trouble. Well, for our cohort, the only resonating problem came out to be accommodation challenges in the respective cities. The session started with a short video depicting the rich legacy of the firm and the values they endorse. To keep the event engaging, various team building activities and short quizzes were organized. The conscientiously prepared blend of information and fun activities made the conclave appealing and fruitful.

We also got the privilege to listen and ask questions to the leadership team of the firm. The interaction with senior leaders at lunch provided not only insights about the organization and business but also a holistic view of the banking industry. To shun off the after-meal sleepiness, we were divided into teams for the marshmallow challenge. Although the challenge seems relatively straightforward, statistics have shown MBA students tend to get overtly involved in planning and hence struggle. Even though we all did get stuck in the planning mindset trap, thankfully my team emerged as the winner. From a bank’s perspective, it is imperative to abide by the regulations and have controls in place to keep a check on the possible risks. A dedicated session to explain all the risks and major regulations was conducted. The information shared would help all of us to maintain the integrity of the financial system.

We had our evening tea watching the sun going down leaving the sky orange. At the end of the day, just like the morning custom, everybody shared how he/she was feeling at the end of the day. We all exchanged greetings and were excited for the next day. But for the evening that was ahead of us, some made plans to explore the city, while others preferred to go back home.

Vaibhav Bahl

                                                                                                                                IIM Calcutta