The Tale of F-Day : Vaishali Mahajan

CATKing’s Tale of First Day

-By Vaishali Mahajan

Indian Institute of Management Raipur


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. And I was just about to take another baby step into this journey– the “summer internship project”. I had successfully completed the hectic first year of MBA at Indian Institute of Management Raipur, and after being faced with a flurry of assignments, presentations, quizzes, and the recruitment processes of different companies, I finally landed into my coveted profile at Rabbit Digital Branding Solutions, Hyderabad.

My joining date was luckily, April 3 and I got a chance to spend two days at Jammu, after a gap of 6 months. On the morning of April 2, I said goodbye to the crown of the country and took a flight south, to the city of pearls. “First ever working experience”- This thought kept me enthusiastic throughout the journey.

The website is something that made me apply for this company. The cutest website I’d say. It shows how branding is done right in the most unconventional way, comparing the steps involved in making carrot juice to the steps involved in branding of a client. So, I anyway was expecting the office to be different from the usual workplaces- small cubicles with a computer and a desk.

But as I entered the office, boy I was awestruck. The main entrance door read, “You are entering into a world of creativity.” And it did justify the office- the place was so beautified with graffiti, cartoons, and witty one-liners. It was too pretty to be an office.

The HR warmly welcomed me and I handed over the gratitude letter to her. She made me meet everyone in the office- a team of ten enthusiastic and friendly people who loved their jobs to the core. The passion they had when they spoke about their work clearly suggested that. “Will I be this happy with my first ever job“, I kept on thinking while she took me to the CEO’s office.

Being a typical b-school graduate, I turned up wearing business formals when the temperature outside was 42 degree Celsius. “Aren’t you feeling hot?” asked Adetya, the CEO of the company. “Please come in casuals’ tomorrow- it’s too hot out there already.”

I couldn’t be happier. Since the day I had joined the b-school, I was dying to wear casuals, and finally I had got a two month break from formals.

“So why advertising?” asked Adetya. “For the love of creativity”, the answer came out like a reflex. He grinned at the usual answer. “There is immense learning opportunity here. Why don’t you work on the different aspects of marketing? Join the content team for a week, the creative team the next week, the research team and so on. Just know what you like the most and we can then give you a project in that area.” he said.

“She’s our first ever intern, take good care of her”, laughingly he handed me over to Lakshmi, my industry mentor. She briefed me about the company, the competitors, the clients and her expectations from me. She also gave an in-depth knowledge about advertising, strategic digital communication and the role digital marketing has in branding.  Even though the company had a baby existence, it did have some of the biggest clients like the top logistics firm of the country.

I spent the entire day reading about the clients and their functional areas. Then at 6 pm, I left with a smile on my face. The corporate world isn’t that bad it seems.

And then I did the mandatory video call to my family, a ritual since 4 years, who seemed more excited than me on their little child being old enough to manage a job in a new city.

“The day was exhausting but in a good way. I am looking forward to a wonderful experience.”- This was the only thing I could enter in my diary before dozing into the dream world.


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