Things to DO before CAT Exam Day

Things to DO before CAT Exam Day


This long journey of CAT will finally be over tomorrow. We understand you must be going through a series of emotions right now. In the next few hours, you will be sitting for the exam you have been preparing for so long. For some last moment trips and tricks, we hope this article will help you out.

1. Check your checklistNew Backbone Checklists for SAP Solution Manager available! | SAP Blogs

Before sleeping today, make sure you check and keep all the necessary things you need to carry with you to the exam center. Here is a small checklist you can use – 

  1. Admit Card – Take the printout and paste the same picture as in the CAT Form.      
  2. Valid ID proof like Aadhar Card, passport, driving license.
  3. 2 simple pens to be used in the examination
  4. Mask, Gloves, Sanitizer and Water bottle (Special Instructions due to Covid )

Also, don’t forget to reach the center well before your gate closing time to avoid any last-minute issues.       

To download your admit card, click here.

2- Get a goodnight sleep

You must attend the examination with a fresh mind the next day. Try to get a good amount of sleep on the day before your exam. Many students are accustomed to giving examinations without sleeping the previous night but, we do not recommend it. Although, if you are unable to sleep well at night, don’t stress too much about it during the examination.

3- You are in the same boat with other graduates

We often think that belonging from a particular background e.g. being an engineer might give someone an edge in one section over other students. But it is not the case. We should not let this thought disrupt our actions during examination time. CAT is an exam where you will compete with those who are similar to you. An engineer competes with an engineer and a non-engineer competes with a non-engineer. All you have to focus on is yourself. If you are stuck on some question while solving the examination, don’t worry. There will be many more students like you who will also get stuck on the same question. JUST KEEP GOING.

4- Old is Gold !!

Don’t start reading new formulas and new concepts at the end moment. It will only add to your confusion. Whatever you have read in the past months during your preparation is ENOUGH. Just revise what you have already learned, look at your mistakes, and check out the formulas you have used in the past.

Free Strength Cliparts, Download Free Strength Cliparts png images, Free  ClipArts on Clipart Library5- Focus on your strength

During the preparation phase, you must have given several mocks. After analysis of these mocks, you would have known what you are good at. If at any point in the exam you feel demotivated, say to yourself –I have done it before. I have analyzed my performance and I know what I am good at. I will perform my best in those parts and crack this exam.

6- CAT in an exam for losers

Still worried if you are going to make it or not?

Understand this- CAT is an exam of strategic losers. You don’t need to attempt everything. Neither are you required to master every topic. All you have to do is find your strength and weakness and then use it to answer the questions in the examination. Prepare a strategy in your mind of which type of questions you will be attempting first, what are the questions that you will be leaving, so on and so forth. Just make sure in whatever questions you attempt, try to prevent negative marking as long as possible.

7- During the examination, LIVE IN PRESENT

While attempting the examination, do not think of the topics that you didn’t study or the mistakes you did in your mocks. If you are attempting a particular question, don’t think if you marked the previous answer right or if the next question will be difficult. Just stay STOP in your mind and only focus on solving the current problem. Remember, “What successful people do right is they live in present”

8- Stay Positive and Kill your nervousness

Think of the best mock you gave till now. Why did you score so high in that? The only different thing was your mindset. You gave that mock with a very relaxed and happy mind. Do the same with your CAT exam. Don’t
think about the 1000 ways it could go wrong, think about 1 way it can go right. If you stay nervous, your brain will stop releasing the happy hormones and you won’t be able to focus on your exam. So, before the examination, give a fighter message to your brain that – I’m going to do it.

9- Say your prayers and collect your blessings

Don’t study till the last minute. Before leaving for the examination, pray to your God and collect the blessings of your elders. Build a strong belief in yourself and go attempt that CAT with a big smile on your face.

You will give your best in this examination.

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