Things to do one day before CAT Exam !

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Things to do one day before CAT Exam !


What do you think the answer would be?

The answer is ‘Nothing’.

Proper Sleep is Most Necessary

Each and every person is going to tell you that you should get adequate sleep; the day before the exam. But, its going to be a hard time for you to have a peaceful sleep though. Keep in mind that the rush on the day of the exam will bury any fatigue because of less sleep. If you can get 8 hours of good sleep, Great! But the worst thing to do is to go into the exam beating yourself about “mere 4 hours”. Going into a critical exam, it is obvious that you are too switched on and cannot sleep that easily. Don’t worry about this.

Enjoy Yourself football-player-clipart-bcyE9oygi

Do something that puts you at ease, but don’t do this at inappropriate timing like – 2 am. Play football , watch a movie but don’t overdo it.

 Now is not the time to Regret no-time1

How much ever you might have prepared, give your best shot with that. Do not go to the exam with a feeling that you are under-cooked. Con yourself to believe that you will do the best and have a optimistic attitude.

Get the small details right

Look your mode of transport to reach the center, check the hall ticket, verify if the photograph is the same, set aside your favorite pen etc.

the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly-of-customer-service-4-728Bin all Thoughts

Before the exam, bin all thoughts of formulae, strategy, percentiles, cut-offs and everything else. Simplify. Solving questions is the best way to relax yourself. The least you can do is give yourself a chance.

Remember it is a big deal but not the end of life

Anyone who does well in the exam has to be reasonably sharp; while the converse is not true. This exam is but one outlet to showcase your mettle. Nothing more, nothing less.


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