How many months are required to do CAT Preparation?

How many months are required to do CAT Preparation?

CAT Preparation

Answer to this question depends on an individual’s current intellectual level and the commitment a person can give to achieve a specified goal. It is very important to understand that how important CAT is for you. I have read somewhere that if you don’t have a schedule for something, then it cannot be a priority. To cut the long story short, how much time and efforts you are ready to commit for it and at what level do you stand at present is all that you need to decide how much time you need to prepare for it!

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In order to crack CAT, it is important that you first understand the paper pattern and the subjects that you would need to prepare for the same. CAT consists of 4 main areas:

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  1. Quantitative Ability(QA)
  2. Logical Reasoning (LR)
  3. Data Interpretation(DI)
  4. Verbal Ability(VA)

LR and DI consist of 16 questions each and it is combined in one section. Quantitative Ability and Verbal Ability are entirely different sections with 34 questions in each of them.

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Now you know the subjects, you need to find out your weak and strong areas. Some people are good at mathematics while for some verbal is a cake walk. Some people are very good at cracking LR and DI. So you need to go through each topic and find out what you are good at and which topics you need to work on.

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On average , with sincere efforts and preparation, it takes 250 to 500 hours to be CAT ready. So you can divide this keeping in mind the number of days you have in hand. Also, you need to keep in mind, that strategy and right materials are very important for starting your preparation. You need to buy the right set of books and start with the basic concepts of mathematics. Once you are done with basic concepts then you need to move on with the advanced concepts.

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One of the most important aspects of CAT preparation is attempting a good number of mocks. Usually, students procrastinate when it comes to mocks and delay it by saying the preparation is not done yet. But that is not the right thing to do. You must attempt a minimum of 30 mocks and analyse them well to ace your CAT preparation.

To summarize it all, basic concepts + advanced concepts+mocks is the key to crack CAT. You need 7–8 months of dedicated preparation coupled with the right kind of strategy.

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