Tips to crack Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension in CAT 2018

Tips to crack Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension in CAT 2018

“There might be people who have more talent than you do, but there is no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.”Cracking a competitive exam these days has added a new spoke to the wheel of competition. Some say it’s an art; others feel it is but the outcome of the sheer effort. As far as Common Admission Test is concerned, the mathematical geniuses fall prey to the “tricky” Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension section. So, is cracking this smart work or mere hard work. This article explores some Tips to crack Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension in CAT 2018.

In my opinion, cracking VA/RC section is as much hard work as the other sections of the Common Admission Test. Students who fail to give importance to this section give in to rote learning or taking mocks, especially for this section. Not to mention the demotivation and the overpowering challenge the section seems to pose.

Aspirants need to understand that reading textbooks throughout is not an excuse to miss on reading newspapers, editorials and the works of other great authors.  It is important to acknowledge the fact that reading skills are highly essential in the career path you have chosen for yourself. As a manager, you are expected to skim through and understand the bundles of daily (not to highlight but at times boring) reports and there your one-time investment into your CAT preparation comes to your rescue.

So, let us consider some of the MUST DOs to crack the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension section this season. And therefore Some of the Tips to crack Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension in CAT 2018 are:

1.Read, Read, Read. . . !!

There is no shortcut to reading extensively. Start with daily newspaper reading. And NO. Not The Hindu. Start with the newspaper you like. Pick up an article. Time it. Read it. Challenge yourself each day and Raise the bar. Once you are comfortable with this you can move to reading novels. Start with the easy stuff- Genres you like be it, non-fiction, fiction, journals. And aim higher each day!

2. And then of course… What a man is without practice!

Believe it or not, Practice does make an aspirant perfect! In the VA/RC section of CAT, aspirants are judged across various dimensions. Questions in Sentence Completion, Fill in the blanks, Error Detection etc. are thrown at the candidate to judge his understanding of the general English. Understanding comes by failing each day … at solving these questions. Find the correct approach to these question types and develop your own strategy.

3.Work on your Vocabulary.

It is said that one must speak keeping his audience in mind. But it is equally important to remember that if one is on the other side, he should equip himself and be capable to understand what is being conveyed to him without any language barriers and without making the speaker conscious or uncomfortable. And so to work on vocab get a list of frequently used words that you will come across in your career as a manager. Most of all make this exercise fun.  Learn these words through examples. And you can also download a plethora of apps which are available in Google Play Store. And you get the knack of using these words consequently you can also apply them in your daily usage. Therefore start speaking with your peers by using the words you learned each day.

4.Be consistent.

Remember that a break in the routine is going to prevent a budding habit that you will desperately need at your workplace in near future. But do keep in mind to not get too comfortable maybe. First of all, plan your preparation and most importantly stick to the plan. While planning it is most noteworthy to mention that you should keep in mind your fears as well as your weaknesses pertaining to the section. You can probably start with working on grammar first of all. In addition, give one or more mocks specifically for this section. While a lot of such mocks are available for free online, it is especially relevant to mention that you should either refer to previous year CAT exam question paper or study material of a reputed coaching institute for the same.

5. Challenge Yourself and  Express your thoughts on paper.

And finally, Aim higher and Write. Try to use the words you have learned. Let your mentor proof-read the short essay or article for you. Use online tools like Grammarly for the same. But do remember that the biggest advantage of these tools is their biggest drawbacks. These are great for introspection but the tool does not speak to you like a mentor does. Initially begin with jotting down random thoughts. In due course structure the thoughts and keep increasing the word limit. Participate in writing competitions.

In short, spend time with this section and in this section. Make it fun. Make it your wand to the kingdom of your dreams! As Colin Powell said, “A dream does not become reality through magic; It takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” So, Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving towards your goals.


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