Few tips to keep in mind while preparing for CAT (2016- 2017)

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Few tips to keep in mind while preparing for CAT (2016- 2017)

Common Admission Test (CAT), conducted by the IIMs is conducted in November every year. This year CAT Examination will be conducted on 4th December, 2016.

Few strategies for preparation of CAT Exam are listed as follows

1. Take Mocks in Online Environment

During last few days of your CAT 2016 Exam, you are supposed to take computer based Mock Test for CAT 2016 so that you get familiar with the actual test environment. Attempting the Mock CAT in the real environment will make you completely prepare to take the computer based test on your CAT Day, as a result you will be able to save your time and not wasting it on understanding the mode of test.

2. Analysis is Must

After giving every Mock Test, you must analyze your own performance and evaluate your scoring areas based on CAT question pattern. The analysis of your mock Test CAT 2016 paper will bring clarity on your strengths and weaknesses. You are supposed to go through the explanation of answers and see whether you already knew the core concept for solving each question. You should list down the question which you could not solve despite having the conceptual clarity on the same.


3. Focus on strength-

 Going by through your own evaluation, you must focus on your strong areas and build up on the same. As most of the questions in CAT Examination 2016 syllabus are based on the application of basic concepts, learning both concept  and application at this stage is not advisable. Instead, you should put all your efforts towards the areas in which you have nearly been able to control and solve questions on the same.

4. Practice a lot –

CAT Experts suggest that you are supposed to practice a lot in last few days so that you are able to make an instant connect with the question during your CAT 2016 Exam. Regular practice with a scheduled stretch will not only help increase you question solving speed but will also make you habitual to sit for about 3 hours during your CAT 2016 Exam.

5. Reverse action:

In case you find questions in Examination a little difficult during the second round of your attempt, you must go in reverse order while solving the questions and scan the answer options first. Sometimes, answer options hold crucial clues towards solving the questions. You can also go by the method of eliminating wrong options first, which reduces the number of answer options making it a bit easier to find the right answer.

6. Relax well before your D-day:

You must prepare well before your date with CAT 2016 Examination. Spend a day before the test in a stress-free environment. You should meet your friends, Relatives and relax the way you like. After your hectic preparations for CAT in last few months, take a day-long break so that you are able to reorganize your thoughts and D-day strategy.

7. Be focused and keep calm during CAT 2016:

Once you enter the test center keep yourself focused on the test and maintain calm.The CAT exam only measures your intellect and the kind of effort that you have put in. As you have already made the best efforts during preparation span, now you need not to worry about the results and selections. Focus on maximizing number of attempts with high accuracy. Leave the rest on to your honest effort.

Hope this article gives you a better view and clear view about CAT Examination to be held in 2016. You can also check out the admission criteria for IIM Bangalore below:

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