Tips to keep in mind for GMAT preparation (2016- 2017)

Tips to keep in mind for GMAT preparation (2016- 2017)


Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized exam designed to predict how the aspirants will perform academically in their MBA program. It is a 3.5 hours test whose score is used by the B-Schools to make the admission decisions of the candidate.

At times, this exam is referred to as GMAT CAT wherein CAT stands for – Computer Adaptive Test. It is developed by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council). As per the statistics,about two-thirds of nearly 2000 B-Schools around the world demand GMAT score.

Study Tips

  • Clear your basics first. Be thorough with all the topics.
  • Your formulas should be learnt from each chapter so that later on you will not face at least this problem for not knowing the formulas.
  • While studying, attend the topics which you hate or find difficult first.
  • Use a good study material.
  • Daily spend about 4hrs of study.
  • If not yet, then learn to be a good reader. Read newspapers, editorial columns and daily headings to be well versed with what is happening around.
  •  Maximum weight-age is given to verbal, which means you should be excellent at that. Know new words, know when and where to use them, read healthy material.
  • Daily make it a habit to add new words to your bucket. Start from the root words which will make your work much simpler.


Study Plan

  1. The examination requires a 3 month study plan.
  2. This 3 month study plan will comprise of 2-3hrs study each day during weekdays and 5-6hrs study in the weekends.
  3. In the very first week of your preparation, get well known with the subjects and syllabus.
  4. Week 2-5 will be totally math focusing. Though math asked in GMAT is very basic and does not involve too much of calculations, but is you have been completely zoned out of math for quite a while, then it might be a task for you. But again, it’s pretty manageable.
  5. Week 6-10 will be devoted for Verbal. Verbal section is bit tough in the examination. So deal with it nicely.
  6. Start with your weakness and end with strengths.
  7. In the last few weeks, practice the tests and look for your time also. Time Management is a big task to deal with. Even if you are getting maximum answers but you are losing out time, you will end up losing a great chunk of your marks therein.

Study Material

  • Official Guide To The GMAT review
  • The PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible
  • Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set

By far, Manhattan GMAT is the best book preferred by the large audience.


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