5 Secrets to make it to MICA

5 Secrets to make it to MICA

Days, months, sometimes even years go in crafting the journey of a MICAn before he/she steps inside the green campus made of red bricks that invigorate his dreams and empower his goals. This effort might be intricate but it is finely achieved when the aim is intact. Mica is home to creative passionate individuals with young prosperous business minds.

1. It stands differentiated f rom the various top B-schools of the country, not just in its essence of being the school of ideas, but also in its positioning and its very own entrance examination: MICAT, which is no doubt one of the most interesting exams that a management aspirant takes. The test comprises of quantitative, verbal ability, logical reasoning and GK. Along with the aforementioned sections, there are two elaborative sections on Psychometric and Creative Writing; the makers or breakers of the exam that you write as the first step of your MICA journey. An interesting mix of subjective and objective questions is put your way that helps you explore your strengths to maximum and covers up the weaknesses that might be exploited otherwise.

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2. Hurdle, as seen by few; but opportunity as seen by the rest, is that the evaluation is somewhat discrete and as much as you can be a part of the selection process, you can rarely predict the scoring pattern. It’s close to college’s discretion and ensures that you get enough novelty for your ingenious effort put into the preparation.

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3. It becomes essential to harness your creative skills before/while applying to MICA. The writing section does not need an out breaking talent. All it needs is regular practice and a tinge of creativity that is inherent in almost everyone born in this world

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4. The second section which is the psychometric section is in place to analyse how an aspirant thinks. There is no right or wrong answer to it. It is important to remain consistent in your evaluation of yourself to clear this section because it’s only you who can know yourself the best, and this is just a tiny test of that.

5. The Group Exercises and Personal Interviews are enriching experiences in themselves. If you don’t make it to MICA, you still take something that you cherish, that teaches you something for life, or just for your next interview. You need to ensure that you are clear WHY you chose to be a part of this phenomenal institution and how does the flagship course, PGDM align to your life goals and aspirations.

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