Ways to crack CAT Without Coaching

Ways to crack CAT Without Coaching

Once you’ve made the decision to pursue an MBA, selecting your style of preparation will be one of your first choices. It will also have a significant impact on how well you perform on the CAT and other MBA entrance tests. Although the CAT is challenging, with the correct study plan and support, you can easily succeed. At this point, the majority of candidates are seeking answers to the following questions:

  • How important is formal instruction in achieving a high CAT percentile?
  • Without coaching, how can I prepare for the CAT?
  • How can I study for the CAT at home or on my own?

While personal mentoring and coaching could undoubtedly help you prepare for the CAT, the best way to do so is with a thorough self-study plan and a clear strategy. Your dedication to following the preparation plan and making improvements on your way will be the main determinants of your success.

About CAT Exam

In November end, the CAT 2022 exam will be conducted. Its application form may conceivably be made available starting in July 2022. Every year, more than two lakh applicants take the exam to be admitted to 20 IIMs and more than 100 B-schools, making the competition fierce.

Since they provide a set timetable for CAT preparation and bring to the table their expertise from giving CAT preparation to thousands of students each year, coaching programmes and CAT coaching institutes unquestionably assist the candidate. When a candidate determines he can successfully prepare for the CAT without coaching, it becomes a problem because classroom coaching from CAT Coaching Institutes assures that the candidate is quite clear on the ideas well before the exam. Most people have a tendency to procrastinate on their work until it reaches a critical point before completing it at breakneck speed without any thought to the quality of the work. However, if the candidate is able to stay motivated and rigorously follow the predetermined timeline for preparation, they will succeed. The solution to the dilemma of how to prepare for CAT without Coaching.

Here are some suggestions for CAT preparation without coaching:

Recognize the exam’s curriculum

After deciding how to prepare for the CAT without coaching, one of the first things you should do is practically consume the CAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus in depth. Then you should review the analysis from previous years so that you may create a thorough preparation schedule and establish your priorities based on the importance of various topics across sections. The CAT Preparation Plan needs to make sure that all topics are covered because CAT always gives students some or another unpleasant surprises by changing the topics included and the exam format.

Section Important Topics
Quantitative Aptitude Number System, Geometry, Algebra, Mensuration, Arithmetic, Time and Work
Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation Seating Arrangement, Blood Relation, Syllogism, Tables, Graphs, Data Caselets
Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension Para-jumbles & para-summary, sentence completion, RC passages-based questions.

In the CAT Exam, questions from three main categories—Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Ability—are presented in both multiple-choice and objective form. When deciding how to prepare for CAT without Coaching, it broadens the scope of study to take into account that certain MBA entrance exams also have a portion on general knowledge. Make a preparation plan based on your knowledge of the CAT syllabus.

Purchase thorough study materials

Those who enrol in a classroom coaching programme receive carefully selected section-by-section study material. This does not imply that since the rise of the internet, there is a scarcity of high-quality CAT Material. In comparison to 15 years ago, when current CAT Study Material was somewhat more difficult to find, How to Prepare for CAT without Coaching has become a far more practical course of action.

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Take mock exams online

You should start regularly taking online CAT mock examinations once you’ve gone through the fundamentals. Without a detailed analysis that reveals your strengths and flaws, no fake test would be of any use. A thorough and in-depth examination is crucial for enhancing your preparation. Initially, you should attempt the fake tests once or twice a week; but, as you gain experience, you should attempt the mock tests three or four times per week. Make sure to look through each mock play for common mistakes. Recognize the root of those mistakes and work to prevent them. There are many choices available for candidates to decide they can adequately prepare for the CAT without coaching. All CAT Coaching Institutes offer CAT Mock Exams, some of which are proctored (conducted at the candidate’s preferred location).

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Take part in a peer study group.

Being in good company with your peers guarantees that your preparation is on point. You can discuss your issues, techniques, subjects, etc. with other aspirants by joining a peer study group. It could be even more helpful for you if some of them enrol in coaching classes as well because they could contribute some expert comments. You can also take the identical mock exams, evaluate your rivals, and enhance your performance with suggestions from your group members.

Use the internet to your advantage.

You can find advice and assistance for everything and everything online if you know how to use the internet wisely. Several educational websites offer free mock exams and study materials on their websites in addition to articles and news about the exam you’re aiming for. You can also join CAT-related social media groups on Facebook, Telegram, etc. To be informed of events, you can also follow the Twitter accounts of the exam officials and authorities. The online education sector has seen significant transformation since the Covid-19 crisis. Use online videos intelligently. They are widely accessible on platforms like YouTube.

Here is the best channel to boast your CAT exam preparation without coaching.


The choice of whether to prepare for the CAT with or without coaching is entirely up to the individual. But it is typically suggested for the candidate to make the decision wisely and with awareness. To independently prepare for an entrance exam, a significant level of discipline is needed. Only the most determined applicants should try this dangerous tactic, according to this. For the majority of candidates, CAT Coaching is crucial since it serves as milestones for the candidate to determine whether they are adhering to the CAT Preparation Plan and provides regular reminders for the degree of CAT Preparation.

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