Welingkar GDPI experiences 2017

Welingkar GDPI experiences 2017

Following are the GDPI Experiences of the students at Welingkar, Bengaluru which happened on 29th and 30th of April, 2017.

Student 1

In the GD Room

GD topic: Indian firms are investing in the US, is it right or wrong?

First it started with the registration part with our score cards and admit cards. After that we were given a presentation on Welingkar College by its students. Then we began with the Group Exercise which includes Group Discussion and written test. The topic was given and some facts were also given regarding it.

We were given 5 minutes to think, 15 minutes to discuss and 10 minutes to write the conclusion.

In the PI Room

Then the PI took almost 25 minutes. They asked me all general HR related questions, my background and profile based questions. The basic questions were like, “Why MBA?” and stuff related to it. I would suggest you all to thoroughly go through and be clear about why you want to do MBA and what are your future plans.


Student 2

In the GD Room

GD topic: “India’s economic growth is closely related to women empowerment.”

The statistical data was given. It viewed a graph showing the use of mobile phones, hygienic products etc and the number of people who used to use these things in the years 2005-06 and 2015-2016.


Student 3

I had my interview on 29th April.

GD topic: “Women Empowerment”.

They literally grilled us!

In the PI Room

My whole interview was based on the one sentence which I had said- “I want to do MBA in HR”. They asked me to tell them about my educational background, why MBA, why HR, what is emotional balance, how can I handle stress etc. They made me play the role of a HR manager and asked about HR policies.

They asked me, “Why Welingkar?” After I answered, they said “This is the most common answer every candidate replies. Tell us about something that differentiates you from them”.

They would contradict everything that you would say. Better to prepare well on what you are going to say. Be clear and prepared to tell about why you want to choose one specific subject. Then they will test you completely on that part.


Student 4

I’d my Welingkar Interview on 29th April. Super cool panelists!

They only asked me about MBA and why finance? They kept discussing about these two questions only.

All the best to you guys! Just be convincing.


Student 5

GD topic: “Domestic Tourism in India has now come of age”.

In PI all generic questions were asked. Nothing related to current affairs. Overall it was a good experience and the whole process took us around 3 hours.


Student 6

GD topic: “Earning from sports in India has increased over last decade”.

GD was pretty chilled out.

In PI they asked me about myself, what I’ve understood about management during college and working days, asked me an example where I’ve managed any event or function which wasn’t successful and how did I save myself from the situation and what did I learn from it?


 Student 7

CD Topic: “Indian Sportspersons have multifold income sources”

As far as CD is concerned the topic is going to be a little twisted. They took us to a projector room and on the screen they showed us the incomes of various sportspersons. And their incomes were compared with those of the common people. CD was followed by two rounds of PI.

PI Topics: “PGDM” and “Other PGDM Programs”.

They had all of my forms of other PGDM programs and based on those they asked me questions. You have to be specific about what you answer to their questions. They will try to trick and confuse you. You have to be sure and firm about what you have written in the forms and what you have said. Try to answer in the same manner as you have filled for forms of other programs.

So it’s up to you whether you want to go for the motion or against the motion.

Topics for written case studies:

  1. Can Indian sportsmen do better in international gaming?
  2. Do you think India can come up in international sports?
  3. Write down the some points discussed in the case- Donald Trumph Politics.

Topics for GD:

  1. India’s economic growth is closely related to women empowerment.
  2. Indian sportspersons have multifold income sources.
  3. Earning from sports in India has increased over last year.
  4. How do you relate MBA to engineering.
  5. Difference between commerce and e-commerce.
  6. Opinions on the fall in bank rates.
  7. What is C2C and B2B?
  8. What are the effects of the government on business?
  9. What is the impact of Brexit on India?

Tips for GD/PI:

  1. Questions are based on what you’ve written in the forms.
  2. Learn basic concepts and terms of the specialization for which you have applied.
  3. Read the topics of the current affairs well, Brexit, Digital India, Demonetization and Startup India.

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