Welingkar’s PGP in Operation Management

Welingkar’s PGP in Operation Management

What is PGP in Operations Management?

Operations management refers to the business practices administration to create the maximum level of efficiency possible within an organization. It is concerned with converting labor and required materials into goods and services as efficiently as possible to optimize the profit of an organization.This program will enhance your skills and knowledge to become a professional in Operations to function any enterprise in business sector- either manufacturing or service .This
option is chosen by future managers who are interested in the crucial area of Indian Government I.e Operations ,who have released a manufacturing policy. The Post Graduation Program in Operations Management module covers some of the contemporary challenges faced within the corporate arena. Accordingly, production planning and control, project management and world-class manufacturing are among the many critical concepts covered in this module.

Why choose PGP in Operations Management?

This Post Graduation Diploma, seeks to provide students the knowledge base relating to this operating core, to help them become domestically and internationally competitive in building robust processes and systems within an Organization. Made available through the Hybrid Learning mode, this module is highly recommended for managers working in the operations department of large multinational and Indian conglomerates.

  • Course curriculum is designed based on inputs from diverse industry professionals and  acadmia.
  • The content includes subjects which are vital to give a broad picture of operations, impact at the enterprise level and vice versa.
  • The importance of operations of any enterprise will be brought out so nicely in this  curriculum that all aspiring future entrepreneurs, operation managers will be greatly  benefited from this programme.

How good is the PGP in Operations?

WeSchool’s PGP in Operations give the best of teaching and learning experience to students through a unique methodology. While on one hand, the program adapt modern teaching techniques to help students learn continuously and conveniently, from anyplace and at anytime, also doesn’t undermine the effective traditional teaching system, where students receive printed course materials and get to meet and interact with their peers. To make the process of learning more engaging and interactive ,Weschool continuously endeavor to add value to the program  leveraging on its unique  structure.

Career opportunities in PGP – Operations Management:

Operations Management is the heart of any company. You would normally start in a line associate position reporting up through a supply chain department or a plant manager. You would have   specific responsibilities such as monitoring warehouse inventory levels, vendor management or shift supervisor. In time you could rise to be a plant manager or a VP level person overseeing a broad range of operational tasks in a company. Ultimately, an operations manager has the opportunity to rise to become the Chief Operating Officer.

Some of the key opportunity areas are:

Operations Manager                                                             Materials Manager

Purchasing Manager                                                             Industrial Production Manager

Operations Research Analyst                                              Quality Assurance Manager

Facilities Coordinator                                                           Logistics Manager

Top -recruiters for Welingkar’s PGP in Operation Management:

Accelya Kale Solutions                                                         Accenture  

Aditya Birla                                                                             IT American Tower Corporation

Cap Gemini                                                                             Cognizant

Datamatics                                                                              Egen Solutions

Flexiventures                                                                          GEP

Google                                                                                      Infosys

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