What is Gati Shakti Master Plan- Part 1

What is Gati Shakti Master Plan- Part 1


What is Gati Shakti Master Plan?

  • Would provide optimum planning and coordination while minimizing delays among government stakeholders, particularly diverse ministries.
  • Aims to build multi-modal connections throughout the country.
  • Will connect India’s roadways, ports, aviation, and train sectors to form a unified transformation network, allowing for the simple flow of people and products across the country.
  • Brings together ministries from the federal government to cooperate on infrastructure projects.
  • It will serve as the foundation for the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP)
  • Every data will have access to data on infrastructure projects completed by other departments via a centralized digital platform powered by Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Would deliver integrated national infrastructure and infrastructure projects worth 110 lakh crore between 2020 and 25.
  • Currently, the strategy has brought together 16 essential infrastructure ministries on a single platform. Among these are roads, highways and railways, telecommunications, gas and petroleum, electricity, aviation, and shipping.
  • Concentrating on breaking down inter-ministerial-silos.
  • Saves time and money by allowing simple movement of freight, commodities, and people around the country.
  • Boost India’s global competitiveness through next-generation infrastructure.
  • Multi-modal connectivity enables a smooth flow of products, improving the country’s ease of doing business.

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  The need for Gati Shakti Master Plan

The following led to construction delays and wastage of money:

  • The large difference between macro planning and micro execution
  • Difficulties with lack of advanced knowledge and coordination
  • Operating and thinking in silos

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All of this resulted in the launch of this program.

The majority of megaprojects will now be overseen by Gati Shakti.


  • Has the potential to transform India’s infrastructure.
  • This will result in a more inclusive society and a rapidly developing economy with world-class infrastructure.
  • Success is entirely dependent on the efficient collaboration and execution between the federal and state governments.
  • Must address structural and macroeconomic stability problems caused by large government spending.
  • It is critical that this Endeavour is supported by a predictable regulatory and institutional framework.

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