What is the competition for NMAT?

What is the competition for NMAT?

Planning to take NMAT 2020 exam?

NMAT 2020 is one exam that is one of the most coveted MBA exam that opens the gates to the prestigious NMIMS institute and partner institutes. There has been a phenomenal increase in number of students appearing for the NMAT exam. Therefore, the competition for NMAT exam will be aggressive and only those with the right amount of perseverance, passion and commitment survive.

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NMAT is a totally different ball game when compared to CAT or any other MBA entrance exam for that matter. In the NMAT exam, the questions are of easy to medium difficulty level. This exam doesn’t test your in depth knowledge about the subjects in the different categories like Language Skills, Quantitative Skills and Logical Reasoning.

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NMAT tests a person’s patience, speed and resilience to not get easy questions wrong. The total marks awarded in NMAT is 360 and a score of more than 208-210 is required to get into the prestigious Glass door building NMIMS, Mumbai. The competition for NMAT is really different. Let me explain you this with the help Bell curve.

NMAT Exam Pattern:

Let’s assume on the x axis is measuring the intelligence of the MBA aspirants. It’s not right centred as those are for CAT aspirants (students vouching for the IIMs). Neither the competition is left centred as those are for regional exams like the CET etc. The competition is fierce, aggressive and head on. The major chunk of MBA aspirants are appearing for this.

NMAT – Never to be taken lightly, your concentration should be epitomised. One distraction and gone are the chances of getting into NMIMS, Mumbai. I know various people who have cracked CAT and are in IIMs but during their NMAT exam weren’t able to clear the cut off.

Another reason for NMAT unparalleled competition is that it is the only domestic exam that stretches to 3 months ( October, November and December) and you can give the exam 3 times which increases the competition in NMAT even further.

Important points to be noted during  NMAT exam:

  • NMAT is a relative exam and not individual – performance oriented, i.e., it is important for you to perform well relative to other candidates in each of the 3 sections of the test as the score of each section and the overall score will be used to shortlist the candidate for the second stage of the selection process as well as in the final ranking.
  • MBA aspirants will get admission if they meet the required standards of a two-stage selection process. All eligible candidates are required to appear for the computer based NMAT to be conducted across the country.
  • NMAT is a computer-based test where each student gets a randomly generated exam from a pool of questions. The number of questions, difficulty levels and the time limit for each of the sections is predetermined and, under normal administration conditions, are the same regardless of when and where the test is administered. The test is non-adaptive in which the computer will display questions one at a time.
  • In NMAT, candidates can choose the order of 3 test sections.

NMAT  Exam Strategy:

We realize that you are occupied and the undertaking of enlisting for the test, stepping through the examination and applying to class can be tedious and upsetting. So we’ve made it more helpful for you:

Picking a date, time and area of your accommodation: A long testing window enables you to pick an advantageous test date. The 75-day test window opens the main seven day stretch of October and reaches out through the third seven day stretch of December.

Self-booking: You can pick your test arrangement date, time and area continuously in light of the accessibility of seats at each test focus.

Enroll for the NMAT by GMAC™ exam from your versatile – enabling you to enlist whenever and anyplace.

Testing areas – you can look over any of 48 strategically placed testing focuses to take the exam

Sending scores to up to 5 programs for nothing. You can choose the rundown of schools/programs you need to send your scores to previously or in the wake of taking the exam. Up to 5 schools/programs are incorporated into your enrollment charge. Be that as it may, you will have the capacity to send your scores to in excess of 5 schools/programs previously or after you enlist for an extra charge.

Applying to business colleges in the wake of checking on comes about. You can see your outcomes and after that choose to apply to a business college or retake the test contingent upon your solace with the outcomes you’ve acquired.

Features given by NMAT exam:

1.Take the test multiple times

2.Choose the section order

3.No Negative marking

4 Availability of official practice material

5.Practice to sharpen your skills.

 NMAT exam Structure:

The NMAT is computer based exam and gives randomly questions from pool of questions.The number of questions,time limits and difficulty levels are already predetermined and are administered.Candidates have achoice of selecting the order or sequence of test sections.

The three sections of nmat are individually timed.Test takers must review there answers before moving to another section as once candidates closes out of a section all answers are final.

Nmat exam sections

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