What is the scope of doing an MBA in international business- Studying Abroad

What is the scope of doing an MBA in international business- Studying Abroad


Did you know growth is the only single goal of any business, worldwide? The ultimate goal of any organisation is to go global. Is studying abroad your dream? One city at a time one country at a time and finally going global is the aim. For example, take McDonald’s. The famous Kentucky fried chicken. Initially started as a little local fast food restaurant. Sporadically spread over the cities and then finally over the countries. And today it stands at a place where people and organisations computer all over the world to own the franchises. Apart from this even if we dive deeper into the fortune 500 companies. That started in silicon valley. What have you given a thought as to who actually manages these multi-billion dollar revenue generated in MNCs? Yes, you guessed it right, international business majors!

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From starting a business to acquiring capital and find the branching out on a global level. IB is required. Today’s world hardly there are any companies that belong to a single country. Distribution is a very complex aspect of any visas that require at most attention.

All of this might sound very exciting to you. Your smile to get into the international business for the IB world. The easiest way to get your dream job is to pursue an MBA in international business abroad or in your own country. It is ok if you do not want to pursue from a B school in your country. You can always opt for a B school for studying abroad. After all, studying abroad is never a bad option. Especially when it comes to an MBA in international business. When it comes to the scope, the sky is the limit.

If you’re looking for a holistic management degree for an MBA. Especially for studying abroad. The first year covers the coal Management at is generic in nature. The second law, however, specialises in IB. And most often include a lot of case studies going on short overseas shift project or internships that allow you how to get a hands-on experience with global brands. Not only does it provide you what’s all the academic content but also helps you get a hands-on experience there is a field.

Now you might be wondering which are the top universities you should apply for while considering studying abroad:

  1. INSEAD Singapore, Singapore
  2. Harvard Business School, USA
  3. Wharton School of Business, USA
  4. London Business School, UK
  5. IE Business School, Spain
  6. ASU – Thunderbird School of Global Management, USA
  7. Stanford Graduate School of Business, USA
  8. Marshall School of Business, USA
  9. Judge Business School, UK
  10. Booth School of Business, Chicago USA

Of course, there are tons of other B schools that offer flagship programs in international MBAs. However, we will not out the list that would suit you’re studying abroad plans the best.

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Now, I just curious about the jobs that you will be getting after MBA in international business?

Do not worry it is one of the most invoke and in-demand business fields today. Trade and connectivity stitch the world together today. Especially with the corner to make a voice that coronavirus has caused the world needs more of IB centric organisations. So if you were iffy about this, you need not be anymore.

Initially, we will work with companies that complement your major focus of study. Today I be in MB as one of the most chosen courses while studying abroad or even in India. The scope is endless. Moreover, we pursue an MBA in international business. You can even start your own business. On the other hand, your starting salary will be quite handsome too. Kya average being around 150000 dollars.

So what are you waiting for? You must consider studying abroad plans today. And start working towards it in no time. If you to pursue an MBA in IB from a reputed institute. Like that of Harvard or Stanford or any other quality institute. Not only will you leverage your knowledge but also gain hands-on experience from a reputed institute as well. Needless to underscore the alumina network of this prestigious. Which will provide you with a plethora of opportunities.

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