We were often told by our parents as kids, ‘Study for this exam, it will be the last one’. We all remember those words and today is the day, you are reading this and that day has never really come. And, we know it won’t come. Learning is a process that will remain intact for a lifetime, it will increase but never decrease. Maybe you won’t give a real exam by going to an exam hall, but at every point, you will feel the pressure of the exam when your boss asks you the numbers or the client asks you to double-check before approaching him. It continues and this is how it should be.

Career choices are never easy. You had to make a choice when you were 16 about science or commerce. Later at 18, you were supposed to make choices between colleges and which subject to opt for to have good job options, and even at 25, you are on the same stage and on the same thinking as to which masters to opt for. And the fun part is, it’s just not you, it’s everyone around you at your age. Some are even deciding to earn money or invest the money into masters. But you look sure as you are here.

Let’s cut short your dilemma and give you clear scenarios of both the degrees:


If you are having an option for MS in your choices that means you have already invested 4 years of your life in pursuing an undergraduate degree. If you had taken decision on a logical basis and love for the subjects, ignoring the job prospects part, you should not change your mind. If you are good at something, do not change it just because of the numbers. Numbers lie. However, if the case is reversed and you were never interested in the subjects you selected in your undergraduate, then this is the right time to switch. Once you enter the job sector, you won’t be able to switch it easily.

Salary scope: The average in initial times ranges from $73,871 to $103,623 if you have pursued from a recognized college.


This is the course where you are taught the art of managing and decision-making processes in the organization. You may be in any organization, may it be the same field which you pursued you bachelor’s in or maybe some totally different field, you will need to cope up with the ongoing business scenarios and come with a creative and unique solution to solve them before it affects the goodwill of the management. In case, you are looking at some top company’s CEOs and getting fascinated then it is good as well as bad. The good part is that you will be allowed to rule the decisions in the organization and the bad part is that you will have very high responsibility and your skills will be in practice 24*7. So, you need to be mentally ready before getting into this role.

Salary scope: The average in initial times ranges from $72,663 to $99,729

Therefore, go for MS in case you want to be in the core manufacturing product and service department or go for MBA in case you wish to get on the top companies and take big decisions for the organizations.

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